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The Partisan Divide: A Race for Control

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

This is a very important election and a great deal in on the line. Will America move forward or will we continue to decline under austerity and a do nothing strategy by the Republican Party? Control for the Senate is at stake.

These contests might lack the drama of a presidential election — and there are plenty of signs of voter suppression and apathy in this cycle — and several major issues that will erode individual rights are on the ballet.

The core question of this election remains unanswered: Is it a wave? All indications of unexpected close races are Republicans are poised to gain because the set of battleground states just happens to favor them as a result of Gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics? The Washington Post reported that voter suppression laws worked well in Tennessee.

The devil is in the details and the question remains, whether Republicans can win in blue states or presidential battleground states, like Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina. If Republicans fare well, the rights of Americans will continue to erode. Will Republican governors win competitive contests in states like Florida and Michigan? If not, even with a Republican takeover in the Senate, indications for 2016 may be good news for Democrats.