Get Involved

Next year is very important for control of the White House and Congress. The Republican extremists have shown us they intent to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Organized Labor, Voting Rights, Injury Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, Public Education, School Lunches and all social programs designed to strengthen the working middle class.

The Unicoi County Democratic Party will continue to fight for the working middle class of our county, state and nation but this fight requires money. Last year’s ruling by the Supreme Court opened the flood gates for the wealthy & corporations to flood elections with money in attempts to buy elections. The Republicans are for sale to special interest.

Get involved and help make a difference. Check out the Unicoi County Democratic Party. Come to a meeting. A calendar of our event dates is located on the main page at the bottom right hand side of the page. You can also get in touch with us:

Call 423-743-7608 or email us at