Unicoi County Democratic Party Bylaws


Last Revised 3-25-2017


The name of this organization shall be the Unicoi County Democratic Party.


The object of this organization shall be to promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party and to aid in the election of Democratic nominees for public office.


All residents of Unicoi County, Tennessee, who are registered to vote in this county, are eligible to become members of the Unicoi County Democratic Party. Membership in the Unicoi County Democratic Party shall not be denied because of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, or ethnic origin.


1) The governance and direction of the affairs of the Unicoi County Democratic Party are vested in the Executive Committee, subject to the laws of the State of Tennessee and the rules of the Tennessee Democratic Executive Committee.

2) Among the responsibilities of the Party are:
A. The officers and Executive Committee members and members of this organization shall support the nominees of the Democratic Party.
B. The officers & Executive Committee members shall plan & conduct all county meetings & conversations.
C. Records shall be kept of all party meetings and business. A complete list of all officers and Executive Committee members shall be forwarded to the chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party within ten days of an election.
D. The officers and Executive Committee members shall constitute the voting membership of the Unicoi County Democratic Party for expenditures when a general meeting is not scheduled.
E. In the event of a tie, during a vote of the Officers and Executive Committee, the majority of the membership shall constitute the tie breaking vote. In the case that a meeting is not scheduled to address an important issue, the member call list shall be used to call members to conduct the vote. The vote shall be documented using a list of those in attendance and a copy shall be maintained by the Secretary.
F. Only members who have attended two meetings can vote on issues related to party expenditures.


1) The Executive Committee of the Unicoi County Democratic Party shall consist of:
A. Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasure
i. One person may hold the office of Secretary and Treasurer.
B. Four Executive Committee members including of (2) men and (2) women from the county at large.
i. The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of 2 men and 2 women. The Executive Committee
may consist of as many as 5 men and 5 women without a revision of the bylaws. New members may be added to the Executive Committee at any regular meeting and/or the County Reorganization with a simple majority vote of members present as long as the Executive Committee is made up of an equal number of men and women.
C. An Executive Committee member may be removed from office for nonfeasance. This member shall be
notified in writing and shall have the opportunity to be heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
D. When a vacancy exists in the Executive Committee, whether resulting from nonfeasance, death or resignation, the vacancy will be filled at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
E. Anyone in attendance shall nominate a candidate for an opening in the Executive Committee. A candidate does not have to be present at the meeting to be nominated.

2) The officers and members of the Unicoi County Executive Committee shall be elected for two-year terms or until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

3) Elections shall be held in the second quarter of odd numbered years and/or in accordance with State Party directives.

4) Duties of the officers shall be as follows:

Chair: The chair shall preside over any convention, which may be called, and over meetings of the Executive Committee. S/he shall perform all duties incident to the office of chair and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee members from time to time.

Vice-chair: In the absence of the chair or in the event of his/her inability to act, the vice-chair shall perform the duties of the chair. S/he shall perform all duties incident to the office of vice-chair and such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.

Secretary: The secretary shall record, distribute, and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the Party and of its Executive Committee; give notice of events as required by law and these by-laws; keep membership records; and perform other duties as assigned by the officers and the Executive Committee.

Treasurer: The treasurer will be responsible for all funds and securities of the Party and shall deposit all such monies in the name of the Unicoi County Democratic Executive Committee; shall maintain open and accurate records of Party funds and transactions of the Executive Committee as required by law; shall disperse funds as directed by the Executive Committee; register with the State Election Commission and file any and all reports required by that body and/or the Federal Election Commission; compile and report financial statements to the Party as requested by the Executive Committee.


1) The Executive Committee officers and members shall be elected at a county convention (party reorganization) called for that purpose. Among the provisions for the convention are:
A. The convention/reorganization shall be well publicized in the local media, i.e., notices shall be published in the weekly issues of the Erwin Record and/or Johnson City Press, and/or Unicoi County Democratic Party website, and/or party Facebook page prior to the convention in a timely manner and time frame as directed by the Tennessee Democratic Party;
B. All registered voters of Unicoi County who can attest that they are bona fide Democrats are eligible to vote at the convention and to be a candidate for the Executive Committee;
C. Separate elections will be held for each Executive Committee position;
D. A plurality shall prevail for each election. In the case of a tie, a run-off between those tied shall be held to decide the winner;
E. Method of voting shall be decided by the convention/reorganization before balloting
F. After the convention is convened, the Chair shall call for nominations for each Executive Committee position. After the nominations cease, the ballot is closed and the elections shall commence.
G. Any person running as an Officer or as an Executive Committee member of the UCDP must have attended two meetings in the previous year from the date of the Reorganization.
H. A member who has attended meetings in the past is exempt from the directives of section G above;
I. A candidate does not have to be present at the meeting to be nominated and/or elected;
J. Questions related to candidate qualifications can be verified through review of voting records;
K. Any elected member shall be removed from office if evidence is presented voiding one’s bona fide Democratic status based on voting records or actions.

2) Vacancies shall be filled by a vote of those in attendance at the next regular meeting. There shall be as much notice as possible given to Unicoi County Democrats prior to this meeting.


1) Regular meetings of the Executive Committee and Party Membership shall be held a minimum of four times a year; any month during each quarter , or when called by the chair or one-third of the Executive Committee.
2) A quorum for the transaction of business shall be one more than half the membership of the Executive Committee.
3) Neither proxies nor voting-by-the-unit shall be allowed at any meeting of the Executive Committee.


The chair may establish committees, as it deems appropriate.


All proposed resolutions must be submitted to the chair at least one week prior to a meeting. Emergency resolutions may be brought before the body by consent of two-thirds majority of those present.


The current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Revised shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws and any special rules of order which may be adopted.


These Bylaws may be amended or substituted by a two-thirds vote of the total membership or the Executive Committee at any meeting or this organization called for the purpose of amending these Bylaws.


The Precinct Captain may be appointed by the Chair as required. The Precinct Captain shall/may serve as the Precinct Team Leader in each of the counties voting precincts. He/she shall carry out the strategy of the county party; know the precinct, organize and canvass the precinct, organize phone banks, coordinate campaign activities, register democratic voters, and know the laws and rules.


The VOTEBUILDER Coordinator shall provide voting data (democratic lists, maps, etc.), maintained in VOTEBUILDER, to the Chair and Precinct Captains.