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Tennessee Legislator and sponsor of Tennessee’s “Guns in Bars” Law is Busted Drinking While Driving and Carrying a Gun

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Having a gun makes you feel safe, doesn’t it? At least, provided that you practice gun safety, know how to shoot, and are responsible. It also makes many in “red” states feel really big.

In spaghetti western cowboy movies the cowboy in the white hat was always the good guy. The cowboy in the black hat was always the bad guy. The good guy always won. Today, it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys and the good guys rarely win.

This would be the best case “worst case scenario” that exists in the hearts and minds of those who supported the “guns in bars” bill.

There is a stark difference between Hollywood movies and real life. Now back to reality.

The factors that have been left out are the presence of alcohol, nerves, a tense situation, a shaky hand, a bad aim, a crowded restaurant, more “cowboys in white hats” seeing other “cowboys in white hats” mistaking them for the “cowboy in the black hat”, and finally confusion resulting in more people shot than if the cowboy in the black hat were the lone gunman.

Tennessee Republicans passed the controversial “guns in bars” bill. Sponsor of the bill, Collierville Republican Rep. Curry Todd, was arrested Tuesday night for driving drunk while carrying a loaded gun. This event would be laughable if it not so disgusting.

Bar owners, law enforcement and others opposed the guns-bars legislation, which allows permit holders to take a handgun into businesses that sell alcohol providing they don’t drink. In 2009, Todd assured other legislators that permit holders were responsible and would obey the restriction on drinking while carrying a gun.

Police, prosecutors, bar owners and others opposed the guns-in-bars legislation, which allows permit holders to take their handguns into businesses that sell alcohol as long as they don’t drink. During debate in 2009, Todd assured his fellow legislators that permit holders were responsible and would obey the restriction on drinking with their guns.

So, what can we do as citizens? We aren’t State Senators or Representatives. What power do we have? WE are the people who will either vote FOR them or AGAINST them to be re-elected should they so choose to run again. Unfortunately, people in the state of Tennessee decided to vote for folks like Curry Todd.

The Tennessee Legislature remains an embarrassment to Tennesseans and a nation joke!

GOP Overreach

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

It’s crystal clear that Tennesseans have soundly rejected the extremist GOP agenda rammed through the state legislature this year.

A new, statewide Vanderbilt University poll found that support for the Republican-led state legislature has “plummeted 20 percentage points since January.

The GOP honeymoon is over and Tennesseans are riled up like never before over lawmakers stripping teachers of their right to collectively bargain for smaller class sizes, school supplies, and text books while cutting millions from public and higher education budgets.

Attacking teachers and our public schools is outrageous!  Please contribute $5 or more to help us fight back.  A generous Democrat will match your gifit dollar-for-dollar making your donation go twice as far.

Teachers and public education weren’t the only targets of the GOP.

Since January we have seen a systematic assault on Tennessee values:

  • IGNORED JOBS CRISIS. In 2010, Republicans campaigned on a platform of jobs, jobs, jobs. Less than one year later, the majority party buried its head in the sand and ignored the crisis facing 300,000 Tennesseans looking for work. And since the GOP took charge, Tennessee’s unemployment rate has climbed to nearly 10 percent.
  • LAVISH RAISES. Gov. Bill Haslam made cuts to important health programs while handing out more than $250,000 worth of raises to his top cronies, all of whom already made six-figure salaries. One commissioner even got a 32% raise — in his first week on the job!
  • PROTECTED PREJUDICE. The GOP gave into the radical right-wing of its party, bowing to demands to overturn Metro-Nashville Council’s CANDO ordinance that required businesses with city contracts to employ non-discrimination hiring policies.

Click here for a more complete look at damage done by Republicans this year.

In short Republicans junked their promise to strengthen the state economy and create jobs in favor of ideological pet projects that harm our families and the least among us.

This poll shows that Tennesseans regret giving Republicans a chance behind the wheel and have quickly become sick of their reckless driving.

Tennesseans are not interested in political retaliation against teachers, they want good schools for their children.

Tennesseans are not interested in the anti-woman demands of the far right, they want to make sure their mothers, sisters and babies are healthy and well cared for.

Tennesseans are not interested in protecting reckless corporations from the damage they do, they want to protect victims and hold corporations responsible for their actions.

Republicans have given us no reason to think they will come to their senses in 2012. Last month Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey bragged on Facebook:

“This year was just an appetizer. Next year, and in the years to come, you will see the main course.”

Whatever Ramsey has in mind, you can rest assured it won’t be good for Tennessee.

If you want to stop the GOP’s radical agenda and put Tennessee on a  path to a thriving economy where prosperity is shared by all, a path where a good education is available to every student, regardless of their circumstance, a path where government serves the people and is not beholden to moneyed special interest then stand with us.

Your gift of $5 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your effort to take back our state for working and middle class Tennesseans.

We can win this fight, but we can’t do it without your support.