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Saturday, April 1st, 2017


Democratic Convention Ends in Unity

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

DNC_300X250_REV02Philadelphia – Last night the Democratic Convention ended with Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination for President of the United States. The Convention was a big success as Democrats united for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. There was a stark difference in the Conventions. Shockingly, Republicans embraced Trump’s message of doom and gloom, while Democrats put on a flawless display of Americana reminiscent of 1980 Republican [Ronald Reagan] Convention. It was amazing to watch roles reverse as Democrats portrayed a message of hope and reminded Americans that America has always been great!

The Convention began as Bernie Sander’s supporters were given a lot of attention and time to vent their disappointment. Unlike the stop Trump movement in the GOP Convention where dissent was shutdown, the Democrats took great strides to bring the Sander’s supporters on board. According to polls during the Convention, they were successful by the midpoint of the Convention as 90% of Sander’s supporters were saying they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

President Obama started the attack on Donald Trump portraying him as a dangerous unstable figure and a friend of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Some Democrats suggested Trump has authoritarian beliefs and spoke like a dictator when he said he alone could solve America’s many problems. He speaks as if he is promising to be a one-man ruler.

Hillary Clinton pounded Trump repeatedly for depicting the United States as a nation in decline and declaring, “I alone can fix it.” That sentiment, Clinton said, is inconsistent with democracy. She said that Trump’s proclamation should “set off alarm bells for all of us.”

“Remember,” she said, “our founders fought a revolution and wrote a Constitution so America would never be a nation where one person had all the power.”

On Thursday night, Khizr Khan, whose son, a Muslim and a United States Army captain, was killed fighting in Iraq, stirred the convention crowd as he denounced Trump’s lack of moral character by attacking unjustly attacking Muslims, calling it an offense against the Constitution. “Donald Trump, you’re asking Americans to trust you with their future,” Mr. Khan said. “Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” Mr. Khan reached in his pocket and pulled out a copy of the Constitution and offered to let Trump read it.

It is obvious that Democrats and some Republicans intend to keep up their wall-to-wall assault on Mr. Trump’s worldview and fitness for office. During the Convention, Democrats reminded Americans that Trump is “not a normal Republican.”

Unicoi County Democratic Party Fundraiser

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Tickets are on sale for August 27th Unicoi County Democratic Party fundraiser. Tickets are $10. Tickets will be available at our August 6th regular meeting at 9 a.m. at Erwin Town Hall or call 423-743-7696.

Those attending the fundraiser should bring a dish or dessert. Hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. The fundraiser will be a pool side cookout and silent auction followed by political conversation over a glass of wine. There is plenty of shade areas for those who avoid the sun. So bring your favorite bottle of wine for the after meal political conversation with like minded Democrats.


Friday, October 2nd, 2015

tndp logoDo I have to put my Social Security number on my voter registration form?

It’s a good idea to do so. Your social security number is necessary to register to vote, but if your county Election Administrator gets an application with that field blank, the Election Commission is instructed to give you a call. However, this could cause your application to slip through the cracks. It will save time and effort to include your social security number on your application.

If I’ve moved here from another state, do I fill out “Address Change” or “New Registration?”

Even if you were previously registered to vote in your home state, you should check the box “New Registration.” You are a new Tennessee voter, and checking “New Registration” indicates that you need to be added to Tennessee’s voter rolls for the first time.

Do I have to put my phone number on my voter registration form?

It is a good idea to do so. It’s not required, but the Election Commission may need to notify you if your registration is incomplete or anything goes wrong in the registration process.

What if I’m going to college here, but I’m from another state?

You can chose to register either in your home state, or at your address here in Tennessee.

What if I’m homeless? What do I put as my address?

If you are without a home address, you can still register to vote. One of the reasons they need your address is to know where to send your voter registration card. Therefore, the easiest way to register is to list the address of a local homeless shelter or church that opens its door to the homeless. Make sure that you frequent the place you list as your address to make sure that you get your Voter Registration card when they send it to you.

What if I have been convicted of a felony and have lost my voting rights?

You can get your voting rights restored. For more detailed information on Voting Rights Restoration, please pick up our info packet on how to restore your rights.

Bernie Sanders Visits Liberty University

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Bernie Sanders, who’s been rallying liberal Democrats on the presidential campaign trail, spoke Monday morning in an unlikely setting: Liberty University, a longtime haven for conservative Republican Evangelicals, and the University created by Jerry Falwell. But things are changing and there are signs of some shifts in how young Evangelicals are viewing important issues. Bernie made genuine attempts to touch the moral conscious of the predominately young crowd.

He was honest and open in his speech. This was a student body that appears to have diversified somewhat in recent years, with some students reportedly supporting causes that aren’t traditionally associated with Republicans.

Sanders’s courting of young and more liberal-minded Evangelicals was an unusual move but Bernie Sanders has drawn large crowd in all regions of the United States. But his presence at Liberty shines a light on an evolving voting bloc that is perhaps more open to his message of income inequality and social justice than in the past. More importantly, Mr. Sanders made an effort to tread in unfamiliar territory, something few politicians rarely do. More importantly, it was even more unusual to hear a liberal challenge the moral consciousness of young Evangelicals.

Listen to the full speech here.

Memorial Day: Remember Those Who Gave All

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

ap_transfer_remains_ceremony_ll_120914_wmainTo many, Memorial Day is another long weekend. It’s also known as the official start of summer. However, the true meaning of Memorial Day goes far beyond barbecues and celebrations.

The holiday began after the Civil War, and was known as “Decoration Day.” It was originally founded to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War, today, Memorial Day is a day to honor all of the Americans who have died in military service. At Arlington National Cemetery, it takes one thousand soldiers four hours to place flags on the graves of each of the falling soldiers.

Every Americans should take a moment from their day of celebration and leisure to reflect on the brave sacrifices of those who have given all for this great nation.

Unicoi County Democratic Party Reorganization Set

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

DATE: January 17, 2015
CONTACT: Rick Smith 743-3063

Erwin – The Unicoi County Democratic Party will hold party reorganization on Saturday, March 28th at 12 pm at Erwin Town Hall. Registration will begin at 11 am. A light lunch will be served. Elections of all party officers including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be held. New Executive Committee members will also be elected. Offices will be for a two year term.

Members will discuss the party agenda for 2015. This meeting is open for all in attendance to express their ideas and thoughts about the future.

All Democratic residents who are eligible voters of Unicoi County are urged to attend. All Democrats are Welcome.

The election of officers will be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Unicoi County Democratic Party. A current copy of our Bylaws can be found on the home page of this website at this link.


The Partisan Divide: A Race for Control

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

This is a very important election and a great deal in on the line. Will America move forward or will we continue to decline under austerity and a do nothing strategy by the Republican Party? Control for the Senate is at stake.

These contests might lack the drama of a presidential election — and there are plenty of signs of voter suppression and apathy in this cycle — and several major issues that will erode individual rights are on the ballet.

The core question of this election remains unanswered: Is it a wave? All indications of unexpected close races are Republicans are poised to gain because the set of battleground states just happens to favor them as a result of Gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics? The Washington Post reported that voter suppression laws worked well in Tennessee.

The devil is in the details and the question remains, whether Republicans can win in blue states or presidential battleground states, like Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina. If Republicans fare well, the rights of Americans will continue to erode. Will Republican governors win competitive contests in states like Florida and Michigan? If not, even with a Republican takeover in the Senate, indications for 2016 may be good news for Democrats.


How do Liberals Escape from Wing-Nut Hell

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

gop-vs-americaThere is broad disappointment among [Liberals] progressives at the outcome of several recent antics of the radical right teabagger extreme. From the debt ceiling deal to the near collapse of the government. How do you deal with zealots that are hell bent on blowing up the entire economy if they don’t get their way? So how do [Liberals] progressives escape from this wing-nut hell?

The last several years, European politicians struggled to avoid default that would lead their economies to collapse. Those who tried austerity as a solution, suffered damaging blows to their economies and encountered wrath from it people. Yet, in the United States, radical right extremists Republicans manufactured the same kind of economic crisis and threatened to blow the entire economy to hell if they didn’t get their way. They have sinse engaged in an orgy of austerity that has damaged our economic growth and killed new job creation.

Did their tactics work? Idiots who are reckless have a huge advantage when dealing with rational foes that act responsibly.

President Obama and Democratic leadership did a valiant job avoiding the worst features of the deal, but in the end the negotiation was only about the size of the ransom paid and the damage of its costs to our economy.

Other historical situations involving both Republican and Democratic Presidents ended more rationally when faced with difficult economic solutions. The deficit reduction deal between Ronald Regan and Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neal in 1984 was 82% new revenue and 18% cuts in expenditures. Clinton’s deals that lead to large surpluses in the 1990’s was 62% new taxes – mainly on the wealthy – and 38% cuts. This deal was 100% cuts. But today’s teabagger extremists don’t deal in rational behavior or use logic.

The general consensus among economists is that the impact of the cuts of the ongoing Sequester is damaging the already-weak economic recovery. The deal included no short-term stimulus and extreme cuts in R&D that is allowing China to gain on the US in areas of new energy technology advantages that will lead to future economic world dominance.

It is interesting to note that Congressional cuts in Embassy protection lead to weak embassy security that allowed extremists attacks on the Embassy resulting in four deaths at Benghazi. A situation that was clearly created by the radical teabagger congress that Republicans hypocrisy attempts to use as political weapon against Hillary Clinton.

There were some bright spots in the outcome of the war of economic attrition but traditional logic does not apply to the teabagger faithful. Clear danger lies ahead for progressives.

Progressives must maintain a determined, relentless campaign to prevent the teabagger controlled Congress from making cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

The Paul Ryan budget shows us exactly where the Republicans want to go. The Republican budget would eliminate Medicare and replace it with a failed system of vouchers for private insurance that raises the out of pocket health care expenses of senior citizens by $6,000 per year. They would raise the retirement age for Social Security, and turn Medicaid into block grants that would eliminate the guarantee of health care for the poor, and nursing home care for seniors and the disabled. And they would do it all to prevent the rich from having to contribute to deficit reduction.

We must continue to refocus the political conversation directly to the issue that the vast majority of Americans really care about: jobs and fair living wages.

Progressives must get out the vote because Elections matter. If given the opportunity, the extremists will destroy Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the EPA. They will increase the war against women’s rights; continue the assault on science, and legitimate hate and intolerance.

The recent battles to close the government and threats to implode the economy must serve as a warning — a wake up call. The [wing-nut] Republicans must be stopped. They will outsource what remains of our manufacturing jobs, repeal Obamacare, eliminate all regulations on Wall Street’s greed, destroy unions and allow the wealthy to plunder what is left of America’s middle class.

If one doubts this, one need look no future back than 2007 when they tried the same failed economic recipe for disaster that cast the nation into near economic ruin and the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression.


Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013