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The Battle Over Insure Tennessee

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

The battle over Insure Tennessee wages on and a series of interesting revelations have been uncovered since Governor Haslam unveiled his Insure Tennessee Plan.

In February, records were provided that showed Republicans voting against Haslam’s Insure Tennessee were themselves on the state health plan, which funds 80 percent of employee premiums. These Senators were Health Committee Chairman Rusty, Mike Bell, Sen. Brian Kelsey, Sen. Frank Niceley, and Sen. Kerry Roberts.

In April, the Tennessean continued its investigation of Insure Tennessee and laid out the financial losses to Tennessee because of Republican political games.

If the Tennessee General Assembly had passed the Insure Tennessee plan to extend insurance coverage to the working poor, about $3.1 million would have been spent daily in Tennessee doctor’s offices, pharmacies and hospitals.

Instead, today, thousands of sick Tennesseans do without care or visit emergency rooms at the expense to Tennessee taxpayers. To date, an estimated 800 Tennesseans have died awaiting Health Care Coverage since Tennessee was eligible for ObamaCare coverage.

The Insure Tennessee plan proposed by Haslam, and rejected by a fearful legislature with virtually no debate, would have been one of the best economic stimulus programs for small towns and rural communities in this state.

A University of Tennessee Center for Business and Economic Research study released in January “estimated that the average person who enrolled in Insure Tennessee would “spend” about $5,700 each year on health care and that 200,000 Tennesseans would enroll in the various plans proposed by the governor to help the working poor who make too much for Medicaid insurance and not enough to qualify for the subsidies offered on the federal health insurance exchange”.

The study also projected that expanded insurance coverage would bring about $1.14 billion of spending into the state from the federal funds earmarked for Medicaid expansion when Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

The spending generated from Insure Tennessee would create an economic boom, creating or maintaining about 15,000 jobs, mostly in our rural counties, where the bulk of those eligible live. The $1.14 billion would mostly flow into the paychecks of Tennesseans, adding over $900 million to their income.

Most of that $900 million would be spent in local businesses. And so on … get the picture. Obviously, Republican hatred of President Obama trumped any chances of economic boom for Tennessee. Their fear of being primaried by fellow wing-nuts also trumped economic benefit to Tennessee.

The opposite of an economic boom is what our legislator’s want, a vicious cycle of delaying health care until it becomes a crisis, or an act of charity, and/or paid for by the rest of us. The decision of our legislature has created a living on the edge mentality where financial disaster and ruin, for many, is a simple accident away from destroying a Tennessee family.

It is hard to recall a time when the General Assembly has so ignored the wishes of a business and Tennesseans. A recent Vanderbilt poll showed two out three Tennesseans want/support Insure Tennessee.

Early this month the Tennessee Legislature got excited when the Tennessean exposed the fact that many of the same folks who voted to deny poor Tennesseans health care coverage, are covered by health care, on the backs of Tennessee taxpayers.

Taxpayers have paid almost 6 million for health care for these hypocrites since 2008. Several lawmakers tried to stop the release of how much money the state spends on their individual health premiums. They argued the release of the information would violate privacy laws.
While Republicans have fought to keep expenditures on their health care private, Democrats have been supportive of the release.

“It is the ultimate in hypocrisy,” said state Rep. Mike Stewart, D-Nashville, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus who is enrolled in the health plan. “To refuse to provide for the working poor of Tennessee, while trying to keep the insurance benefits they receive a secret illustrates their [Republicans] contempt for Tennesseans.”


Lawmaker – Years on Plan – Lawmakers Contribution – Taxpayer Contribution
Sen. Rusty Crowe – 1992-2015 – $48,162.32 – $202,730.79
Rep. Beth Harwell – 1992-2015 – $49,242.94 – $198,134.99
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey – 1993-2015 – $44,924.74 – $187,796.77

NOTE: Records only go back to 1992. They may have received coverage for a longer period.

As revelations related to Insure Tennessee have been unveiled, activists across the state have taken action to pressure legislatures to support Insure Tennessee. In NETN, activists have purchased ½ page ads in various area newspapers designed to put pressure on Rusty Crowe and Ron Ramsey. This same group of activists engineered a town hall meeting that focused on Medicaid expansion and Insure Tennessee. Over two hundred folks packed Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church in Johnson City in the Town Hall meeting.

The meeting was filled with questions mostly aimed at Rusty Crowe. Why would the legislature vote against a plan that would not cost Tennessee taxpayers a single penny while providing 300,000 Tennesseans with health care? Why don’t working people in Tennessee have health care? Those in attendance hammered Rusty Crowe with those and other questions. Petitions were being signed after the meeting was over.

Tennesseans would prefer their elected representatives act like leaders and support the will of the majority and the best interest for Tennessee. And maybe stand up for what is right; instead of trying to protect their chances in a primary election challenge by a wing-nut. When it comes to the Tennessean legislature doing their job, they prefer to do nothing and blame it on Obama, unless it is one of the wealthy friends or lobbyists who demands special consideration. They will waste a whole week with legislation designed to pander to folks like the NRA.

Insure Tennessee Fails: Rusty Crowe Flip Flops.

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Nashville – Thursday, Tennessee plunged to a new GOP driven low point in our state’s history as healthcare was denied to thousands of Tennesseans.

With a single vote in the Tennessee Senate, seven Republican senators voted to deny healthcare for over a quarter of a million hard working Tennesseans.

The seven Republicans are: Rusty Crowe of Johnson City, Todd Gardenhire of Chattanooga, Frank Niceley of Strawberry Plains, Mike Bell of Riceville, Dr. Joey Hensley of Hohenwald, Brian Kelsey of Germantown and Kerry Roberts of Springfield.

Rusty Crowe of Johnson City said he would vote for the legislation, but he voted against it. He said he changed his mind.

The end of Insure Tennessee (Haslam’s version of Obamacare) is a direct result in the failure of leadership by Republican leaders Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Speaker Beth Harwell. It was their failure to lead, and specifically their failure to stand up to the TNGOP right wing extremists that lead to the defeat of Insure Tennessee. It was also their failure that lead to 7 Republican senators making the wrong decision that will hurt the lives of 250,000 Tennesseans for years to come.

The seven Republican senators showed that they have no compassion or concern for the 800 Tennesseans who have already died waiting for healthcare expansion.

Those same seven Republican senator embarrassed Governor Haslam and proved him wrong when he told President Obama that Republicans could be trusted to care for “the least of these”.

Tennessee’s Republican legislators have shown they are unwilling to put people first, over special interest, and they are not capable of running our state.

Democratic Senator Jeff Yarbro, stood up for Tennesseans by voting for Insure Tennessee and he pointed out that Republicans who deny hardworking Tennesseans the healthcare they need are themselves on government funded healthcare.

Tennesseans will die and hospitals will close as a result of this vote. This is a sadly a low point in our state’s history.

Dead [Red] to the Roots

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

art-gop-fascism-posterAt a time when demographics show a trend toward a growing numbers of Democratic majorities in America, in Tennessee, Republicans have concocted a scheme to turn everyone into Republicans. The scheme is not based on logic, facts or sound legislation, but it is important to remember those things don’t matter to Republicans.

The plan focuses on electing more Republicans in county and judicial positions. Is the plan a logical counter response to growing demographic changes and unpopular Republican Ideology or a Supermajority Legislation gone amuck?

Republicans believe deceptive actions to entrench their supermajority status will erode bipartisan efforts in elections at the local level. The recent effort by Ron Ramsey to recall three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices failed miserably with Tennesseans voting overwhelmingly to retain the Judges. Ramsey attempted to use dark money to defeat the Supreme Court Justices.

Thanks to dark money, not the “dead [red] to the roots” program, Republicans have enjoyed great electoral success that built a supermajority Republican Legislature, elect a Republican governor, two Republican U.S. Senators and seven of the state’s nine U.S. House seats.

The GOP, through dark money, has enjoyed huge success in fundraising compared to Democrats.

The TNGOP false claims that Tennesseans want the success we’ve seen at the state level brought to the local level is an illusion. The TNGOP also falsely claim that Tennesseans are tired of Democrats and [liberals] who have mismanaged taxpayer funds and failed to provide the service Tennesseans expect and deserve while they [the TNGOP] dismantle the very services and protections that help Tennessee families. Mismanaged taxpayer funds language is code words for providing funds for public education, food stamps, unemployment compensation and other public assistance that the TNGOP feverishly works to dismantle in Tennessee.

Tennessee Democrats are quick to point out that the majority of Tennesseans are not content with imposing TNGOP Tea Party agenda and ALEC legislation through the state’s backwoods Legislation. Republicans are now intent on pushing their brand of rigidity and extremism, at the expense of the common good of the people, onto local governments and government services.

Republican claims that “dead [red] to the roots” has resulted in growth of the TNGOP is an empty illusion, especially when you look at their efforts to “make it harder for Tennesseans to vote,” such as requiring photo identification to cast a ballot. Preventing every Tennessean the right to vote does not indicate that the “dead [red] to the roots” effort is a successful program that has turned everyone into mindless [zombie] Republicans, it simply points out voter suppression and other tactics to prevent voter’s full access to voting by the TNGOP helps the TNGOP to suppress the Democratic vote.

Any tactic that makes it harder for Tennesseans to exercise their constitutional right to vote is wrong and unpatriotic. It is outrageous to claim such tactics {dark money buying elections and voter suppression] are proof that “dead [red] to the roots” is a successful program or anything other than dirty politics gone astray. Tennessee was recently voted the most politically corrupt state for good reason. Last year Tennessee was voted the worst state legislation.

A Voting Record of Shame in Tennessee

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

5773238701_851f9563db_zWhy is Tennessee politically the running joke of the nation? One need look no closer than at the shameful legislation and voting record of Ron Ramsey.

He is the darling of the Tennessee wing-nut teabagger nation. The clown jester in a legislation of ignorance. But he relishes it and wears it as a badge of honor. He beamed with pride when the Tennessee Legislation was recently named the worst in the nation. Check out his voting record and you get a first hand education in backwoods legislation:

April 17, 2014 HB 1574 Limits Amount of Pseudoephedrine an Individual Can Purchase Without a Prescription Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(24 – 7) Yea
April 17, 2014 SB 2580 Authorizes the Use of Certain Execution Methods Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(25 – 4) Yea
April 10, 2014 SB 196 Authorizes School Voucher Program Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 10) Yea
April 7, 2014 SB 1391 Prohibits Women from Using Illegal Substances While Pregnant Bill Passed – Senate
(26 – 7) Yea
April 7, 2014 SB 2039 Reduces Lifetime Eligibility for Certain Welfare Benefits Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 9) Yea
March 27, 2014 HB 937 Prohibits Medicaid Expansion Bill Passed – Senate
(23 – 6) Yea
March 24, 2014 SB 2115 Authorizes In-State Tuition for Certain Students Bill Passed – Senate
(20 – 10) Yea
March 13, 2014 SJR 626 Authorizes Individuals Paying School Fees to Determine Allocation of Fees to Student Organizations Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(23 – 6) Yea
March 3, 2014 SB 837 Authorizes the Sale of Wine in Grocery Stores Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(23 – 4) Yea
Feb. 13, 2014 SB 1496 Authorizes Certain Individuals to Carry a Handgun in Public Parks Bill Passed – Senate
(26 – 7) Yea
Feb. 5, 2014 SJR 123 Requires Election of Attorney General Position Amendment Rejected – Senate
(15 – 14) Nay
Jan. 30, 2014 SB 837 Authorizes the Sale of Wine in Grocery Stores Bill Passed – Senate
(23 – 8) Yea
April 16, 2013 HB 1191 Requires Disclosure of Recordings of Livestock Abuse Within 24 Hours Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 9) Yea
April 16, 2013 SB 1248 Requires Disclosure of Photographic Evidence of Animal Abuse Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 9) Yea
March 14, 2013 SB 514 Prohibits Universities from Disciplining Students Who Refuse to Treat Someone Based on Religious Beliefs Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 4) Did Not Vote
Feb. 11, 2013 SB 142 Authorizes Handguns in Parking Areas Bill Passed – Senate
(28 – 5) Yea
Jan. 30, 2013 SB 142 Authorizes Handguns in Parking Areas Senate Sponsor
April 30, 2012 SB 3597 Prohibits Discrimination Against Religious Student Groups at Public Universities Bill Passed – Senate
(19 – 12) Yea
April 26, 2012 HB 2566 Increases Kindergarten Age Requirements Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 10) Yea
April 25, 2012 SB 2580 Requires Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Bill Passed – Senate
(24 – 9) Yea
April 24, 2012 HB 3808 Requires Publication of Abortion Statistics Bill Passed – Senate
(28 – 5) Yea
April 24, 2012 HJR 587 Opposes the United Nations Agenda 21 Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(19 – 11) Yea
April 23, 2012 SJR 710 Amends Judicial Appointment Process Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(22 – 9) Yea
April 16, 2012 SB 2514 Amends Eligibility Requirements for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship Bill Passed – Senate
(20 – 10) Yea
April 12, 2012 SB 3345 Limits the Number of Foreign Nationals that May Work in a Charter School Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 13) Yea
March 19, 2012 HB 368 Scientific Theories in the Classroom Bill Passed – Senate
(25 – 8) Yea
Feb. 23, 2012 HB 2638 Prohibits Camping in Non-Designated Areas of Public Property Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 9) Yea
Jan. 19, 2012 SB 1514 State Senate Redistricting Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(22 – 10) Yea
Jan. 18, 2012 SB 2580 Requires Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Senate Co-sponsor
Jan. 13, 2012 HB 1555 State House Redistricting Bill Passed – Senate
(23 – 10) Yea
Jan. 13, 2012 HB 1558 Congressional Redistricting Bill Passed – Senate
(24 – 9) Yea
May 20, 2011 SB 113 Teachers’ Unions Negotiations Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(19 – 12) Yea
May 20, 2011 SB 16 Voter Identification Requirements Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(18 – 14) Yea
May 20, 2011 SB 1915 Increases Contribution Limits to Campaigns Bill Passed – Senate
(19 – 11) Yea
May 20, 2011 SB 49 Prohibits Instruction of Non-Heterosexual Human Sexuality in Schools Bill Passed – Senate
(19 – 10) Yea
May 18, 2011 SJR 221 Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit State Income Tax Amendment Adopted – Senate
(26 – 4) Yea
May 12, 2011 HB 600 Equal Access to Interstate Commerce Act Bill Passed – Senate
(20 – 8) Yea
May 2, 2011 SB 113 Teachers’ Unions Negotiations Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 14) Yea
April 21, 2011 SB 485 Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 10) Yea
April 18, 2011 SJR 127 Abortion Specifications Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(24 – 8) Yea
April 15, 2011 SJR 221 Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit State Income Tax Senate Co-sponsor
March 14, 2011 SJR 127 Abortion Specifications Senate Co-sponsor
March 10, 2011 SB 1528 Amends Requirements for Teacher Tenure Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 12) Yea
March 9, 2011 SJR 18 Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting an Income Tax Amendment Adopted – Senate
(28 – 5) Yea
Feb. 23, 2011 SB 1528 Amends Requirements for Teacher Tenure Senate Co-sponsor
Feb. 23, 2011 SB 1915 Increases Contribution Limits to Campaigns Senate Co-sponsor
Feb. 23, 2011 SB 79 Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act Bill Passed – Senate
(21 – 10) Yea
Jan. 15, 2011 SB 79 Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act Senate Co-sponsor
Jan. 14, 2011 SJR 18 Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting an Income Tax Senate Co-sponsor
June 9, 2010 HB 670 Requiring Correctional Facilities to Determine Immigration Status of Inmates Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(24 – 7)
June 4, 2010 HJR 1253 Resolution Recognizing Arizona Statehood and New Immigration Policy Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(18 – 7) Yea
May 27, 2010 SB 3012 Guns in Bars Veto Override Passed – Senate
(23 – 10) Yea
May 10, 2010 HB 270 Citizenship Status for Voting and Registration Bill Passed – Senate
(20 – 12) Yea
May 10, 2010 SB 63 English Only Requirement for Driver’s License Examinations Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 10) Yea
Feb. 17, 2010 SB 3498 Requiring Legal Challenge to Federal Health Insurance Mandates Bill Passed – Senate
(26 – 1) Yea
Jan. 28, 2010 SB 1092 Prohibiting Non-Elected Boards from Requiring Nutrition Information on Menus Veto Override Passed – Senate
(24 – 7) Yea
Jan. 28, 2010 SB 3498 Requiring Legal Challenge to Federal Health Insurance Mandates Senate Co-sponsor
Jan. 27, 2010 SB 3012 A Bill Allowing People with Handgun Permits to Carry Guns in Restaurants and Bars Senate Co-sponsor
Jan. 12, 2010 HB 614 Delaying Paper Ballot Requirements Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 10) Yea
June 18, 2009 HB 614 Delaying Paper Ballot Requirements Bill Failed – Senate
(16 – 14) Yea
June 16, 2009 SB 162 Creation of the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 11) Yea
June 4, 2009 HB 962 Authorizing Guns in Restaurants that Serve Alcohol Veto Override Passed – Senate
(21 – 9) Yea
May 7, 2009 SB 2133 Charter School Access Expansion Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 7) Yea
April 16, 2009 HB 962 Authorizing Guns in Restaurants that Serve Alcohol Bill Passed – Senate
(26 – 7) Yea
April 13, 2009 SB 1954 Basic Phone Service Deregulation Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 7) Yea
March 12, 2009 SB 83 “Living” Wage Requirements Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 13) Yea
Feb. 26, 2009 SB 2133 Charter School Access Expansion Senate Co-sponsor
April 29, 2008 SB 3042 Open Container Law Bill Passed – Senate
(23 – 7) Yea
Feb. 13, 2008 SB 3419 Parental Consent for Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Bill Passed – Senate
(26 – 6) Yea
Feb. 11, 2008 SA 883 Commission of Indian Affairs Extension Amendment Amendment Adopted – Senate
(20 – 10) Nay
Jan. 30, 2008 SA 837 Allowing Abortion in Certain Circumstances Bill Tabled – Senate
(20 – 11) Yea
Jan. 30, 2008 SA 839 Allowing Medically Necessary Abortions Bill Tabled – Senate
(18 – 14) Yea
Jan. 30, 2008 SA 841 Allowing Abortion for Rape Victims who are Minors Bill Tabled – Senate
(20 – 12) Yea
Jan. 30, 2008 SJR 127 Abortion Not Protected by State Constitution Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(23 – 9) Yea
Jan. 16, 2008 SB 23 Allowing Guns in Establishments that Serve Alcohol Bill Passed – Senate
(24 – 6) Yea
May 31, 2007 SB 2143 Legalization of Handguns in State Parks Bill Passed – Senate
(23 – 5) Yea
May 31, 2007 SB 2326 Cigarette Tax Increase Bill Passed – Senate
(17 – 16) Nay
May 24, 2007 SB 1325 Indoor Smoking Ban Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 5) Nay
May 21, 2007 SJR 139 Popular Election of Statewide Officers Resolution Passed – Senate
(19 – 12) Yea
April 26, 2007 SA 3 PAC-to-PAC Contribution Limits Bill Tabled – Senate
(16 – 13) Yea
April 16, 2007 SB 227 Voter ID Act Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 10) Yea
March 7, 2007 SJR 139 Popular Election of Statewide Officers Senate Co-sponsor
March 5, 2007 SB 201 English-Only Driver’s License Exam Bill Passed – Senate
(22 – 6) Yea
March 1, 2007 SJR 127 Abortion Not Protected by State Constitution Senate Co-sponsor
Jan. 3, 2007 SB 23 Allowing Guns in Establishments that Serve Alcohol Senate Sponsor
May 27, 2006 SB 3178 State Legislator’s Pension Plan Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(17 – 8) Yea
May 17, 2006 SA 1505 Medical Malpractice Limits Amendment Bill Failed – Senate
(13 – 16) Yea
April 19, 2006 SB 303 Driver’s License Examination English Language Requirement Bill Passed – Senate
(18 – 14) Yea
March 9, 2006 SJR 127 Relating to Abortion in the Constitution Joint Resolution Passed – Senate
(24 – 9) Yea
March 9, 2005 SJR 127 Relating to Abortion in the Constitution Senate Co-sponsor


Friday, May 16th, 2014

150px-Business_moneyNow that Tennessee Republicans have captured the executive and legislative branches of state government, they are going after the top tier of the judicial branch — the state Supreme Court.

Their target is three Democratic state Supreme Court justices that will be on the Aug. 7 ballot to be retained or not by voters. Tennesseans are going to be exposed to an advertising campaign blitz by dark money, this summer, telling them to reject the justices.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, will be playing a key role in the political move, to make the Tennessee Supreme Court a partisan affair, in the retention election.

Business leaders, across the state, are interested in this project, as Tennessee Republicans continue to sell out the welfare of middle class Tennesseans and business leaders will be the beneficiaries of this political sell out. This is an orchestrated plan, by Republicans, not to retain the three Democrat Supreme Court judges.”

The three Democratic justices seeking retention are Cornelia Clark from Middle Tennessee and two East Tennessee justices, Chief Justice Gary Wade of Sevierville and Sharon Lee of Madisonville.

In April, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, told the Kingsport Times-News that he will play an “informative role” in the August retention election for three state Supreme Court judges, all Democrats, who will be seeking new eight-year terms.

There’s been much talk about an anti-Supreme campaign and supporters of the three justices are taking it seriously. Five prominent attorneys — Lew Conner, Frank Drowota, Robert Echols, Hal Hardin and Aubrey Harwell sent a letter to fellow lawyers urging attendance at the May 14 fundraiser, two days ago, for the three Supreme Court justices. In the letter, they pointed to “credible information” indicating more than $1 million in out-of-state “dark money” will be spent attacking the judges.

In 2010, control for the Tennessee Legislation was flipped in a landslide victory by Republicans after 2.5 million dollars of “dark money” flooded the last the last two days, basically allowing the Republicans to buy control of the state government.

In 2010, across the United States, State Legislations were bought and sold to the GOP by a flood of “dark money”. The landmark ruling by the activist conservative Supreme Court of the US opened the door to this wholesale selling of elections across the nation when the ruled in favor of Citizens United against the Federal Election Commission.

Will our democracy drown in a sea of “dark money”?

A Greed Driven Budget or April Fool’s Joke?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

WASHINGTON — Todays unveiling of Paul Ryan’s newest Republican budget exposed what Republicans will do if they gain complete control of Congress. His greed driven budget will allow the rick to harvest a windfall of tax cuts while the poor and middle class would be burdened with the painful costs. This budget will also allow Democrats to broaden the political difference between the two parties beyond health care, minimum wage and unemployment benefits.

Ryan laid out a budget plan that slashes $5 trillion in spending over the next decade on the backs of the poor and middle class. He falsely claims he would bring federal spending and taxes into balance by 2024, through drastic cuts to Medicaid and food stamps, and the total repeal of the Affordable Care Act just as millions are reaping the benefits of the law.

Domestic programs would be reduced to the lowest levels since modern government accounting while defense spending would increase. Medicare would be converted into a “premium support” system, where people 65 and older could purchase private insurance with small federal subsidies instead of government-paid health care. Subsidies in truth could not pay for health care of these people.

“We need to be a proposition party, not just an opposition party,” said Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin. “We believe we owe it to the [rich] country to offer an alternative to the status quo. It’s just that simple.”

Even with those tough political choices, the budget would balance in 2024 only because Ryan is assuming his cuts would prompt a burst of economic growth to raise tax revenues above what independent economists forecast. Back to trickle-down economics. He also does not adjust the government’s revenue ledger to reflect the cost of repealing the health care law’s tax increases and Medicare cuts, which could add an additional $2 trillion.

The Ryan budget will be formally drafted on Wednesday in the Budget Committee and brought to a House vote on Friday — if Republican leaders can find 217 votes to pass it over the concerns of moderates who say it goes too far and conservatives who say it does not go far enough.

Regardless of the vote, the budget will be front and center in the coming campaigns.

Paul Ryan’s budget is close to the heart of core Republican values and beliefs: Deliver Wealth to the wealthy, Power to the powerful, and suffering to everyone else…

In all, Ryan said, spending would be cut by $5.1 trillion over the next decade. More than $2 trillion of that would come from repealing Mr. Obama’s health care initiative, the Affordable Care Act, a political move that may be much more difficult now that more than 10 million Americans have gotten health insurance through the law, either through private policies purchased on insurance exchanges, through expanded Medicaid or private policies purchased through brokers but subsidized by the law.

Such an [Ann Rand] approach “empowers recipients to get off the aid rolls and back on the payrolls,” Mr. Ryan wrote. More importantly, it stuffs money in the pockets of the rich and powerful.

The toughest cuts would come from domestic programs that have already been reduced steadily to rubble, since 2011, when Republicans took control of the House. Nor did Ryan shy away from hot-button issues.

Education funding would be cut by $145 billion over 10 years. Pell grants for college students would lose $90 billion. University students would start being charged interest on their loans while still in school, reaping $40 billion.

Under the greed driven world of Republicans, Federal subsidies for the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting “can no longer be justified,” Ryan said.

Not even big bird and Sesame Street will be spared the pain of Ryan’s cuts. The arts, in addition to public television, will be wiped off the face of the earth.

Ramsey’s Dishonest “tweet” on President Obama

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Tennessee Democrats are calling out Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey after the Republican lawmaker sent a tweet accusing President Obama of being an “ally” with Al-Qaeda in Syria.

The tweet in question was sent from Ramsey’s Twitter page this morning, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The Ramsey tweet reads, “As the President attempts to ally with Al-Qaeda in Syria’s civil war, we must always remember who attacked us on our soil 12 years ago.”

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron quickly responded to the tweet and blasted the lawmaker’s comment.

“I read it and my first reaction was, ‘Is this a joke?'” Herron went on to call the tweet “dishonest, inflammatory, outrageous and unpatriotic.”

The tweet comes a day after the president addressed the nation making his case for a military strike on Syria.

The Press has tried to reach Ramsey and/or his spokesperson for comment, but no has responded to calls from the media.

Some say Ramsey is too smart to make such a stupid political comment while others note he is arrogant enough to say it.

Tennessee’s Backwoods Legislature

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Between the monkey law and gateway sexual activity, backwoods legislation in the Tennessee Legislature has brought shame to Tennessee. Add in an outrageous quote from Sen. Stacey Campfield and a review of the legislation of guns in bars, guns in cars, and guns in schools and you have the winner of the nations worst legislation.

National recognition of ignorance for Tennessee!

Mother Jones magazine, the liberal publication best known lately for unearthing a videotape of Mitt Romney kissing off 47 percent of the nation’s voters, has published a new list of the nation’s worst legislatures and given Tennessee top honors.

Tennessee legislators have set themselves apart by actually passing the abstinence-only bill, the one severely restricting discussion of sexual activity in public schools. The quote from Campfield, in which he traced the origin of AIDS inaccurately to sex between a monkey and an airline pilot, didn’t hurt our entry.

Special honors should have be given to Ron Ramsey and Beth Harwell who led us to this dismal point in legislation. Honorable mention should be given to our governor, Bill Haslam, who allows ignorant legislation to slide into law without actually signing it.

You also have proposed bills that sanction bullying of kids in schools and a legislation focused on serving the special interest groups. The backwoods boys of NETN have managed to disgrace Tennessee with their ignorance and arrogance. Americans are laughing coast to coast at the expense of the Tennessee Legislature and its moran based legislation. Wonder why folks talk about barefoot Tennesseans? Ask our backwoods ignorance based Legislators where their ignorance is celebrated with acts of stupidy every open session!

Tennessee Legislation Passed in 2012: No Jobs!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Here is a list of some of the legislation that has been approved by the Tennessee Legislature in 2012. The wing-nuts continue to embarrass Tennesseans and have failed to pass one act of legislation producing one job or job bill. Take a look at what backwoods mentality brings in the form of legislation.

WAR AGAINST WOMEN – RESTRICTIONS FOR ABORTION DOCTORS: Requires physicians to have hospital privileges in the home or adjacent county of woman seeking abortion. HB3808.

AMAZON SALES TAX INCREASE: Requires to begin collecting Tennessee sales taxes in 2014. HB2370.

BATH SALTS FELONY: Makes it a felony to sell synthetic drugs known as bath salts. HB2286.

POLITICAL BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS APPOINTMENTS: Allows governor to appoint heads of boards, including Tennessee Higher Education Commission. HB2387.

CORPORATE WELFARE CASH GRANT GIVEAWAY: Creates more ways for state to give cash grants to companies investing in Tennessee. HB2344.

CHARTER SCHOOLS ANTI-FOREIGNERS: Limits number of foreign workers allowed to be employed at charter schools. SB3345.

STRIP CIVIL SERVICE PROTECTION: Revises state civil service laws to make it easier to hire and fire state employees. SB2246.

DOMESTIC ABUSE: Requires mandatory jail time for repeat domestic abuse convictions. SB2251.

DUI BLOOD TESTS: Allows judges to compel blood tests from people arrested on drunken driving charges. HB2752.

DUI MINORS: Increases penalties for drunken driving when child under 18 is in car. HB2751.

EMBRYO ASSAULT PROTECTION: Includes embryo as victim protection in assaults on pregnant women. SB3412.

FOOD TAX: Reduces the state sales tax on groceries from 5.5 percent to 5.25 percent. HB3761.

GANG BANGER BILL: Increases penalties for violent crimes committed by three or more people. SB2252.

GATEWAY TO SEXUAL ACTIVITY PROHIBITION: Prohibits teachers from promoting or condoning “gateway sexual activity.” Includes kissing? HB3621.

HASLAM BUDGET: Enacts Tennessee’s more than $31 billion annual spending plan. HB3835.

IMMIGRATION DISCRIMINATION CHECK: Requires state agencies to verify immigration status before approving public benefits. SB1325.

BAN STATE INCOME TAX: Proposed constitutional amendment to ban a state income tax in Tennessee. SJR0221.

INHERITANCE TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH: Begins phase-out of Tennessee’s inheritance tax. HB3760.

FACISM LAW FOR OCCUPY NASHVILLE: Bans unauthorized camping on Legislative Plaza. HB2638.

CENSORSHIP OF SAGGY PANTS: Prohibits students from wearing saggy pants or other indecent clothing on school grounds. HB3679.

ANTI-INTELLIGENCE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Allows parents to keep their children from joining extracurricular groups at school. HB2548.

DESTRUCTION OF SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: Allows school personnel to participate in student-initiated religious activities. HB3266.

SCHOOL SAFETY: Gives teachers more authority to act against students who pose a safety risk. SB3116.

POLITICAL SELECTING OF JUDGES-CONFIRMATION: Proposed constitutional amendment to allow Legislature to reject gubernatorial appointments to Supreme Court. SJR0710.

STUDENT LOANS-DEFAULT: Penalizes teachers and lobbyists for defaulting on student loans. HB0740.

MONKEY LAW: Grants legal protections for teachers who allow students to question theory of evolution. SB0893.

DESTRUCTION OF SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: Allows public buildings to display “historically significant documents,” such as Ten Commandments. HB2658.

ANTI-UNITED NATIONS-GOP IGNORANCE BILL: Recognizes the “insidious nature” of the United Nations ‘ Agenda 21 on sustainable development. HJR0587.

WELFARE DISCRIMINATION DRUG TESTING: Creates discrimination of the poor by allowing suspicion-based drug testing for welfare recipients. SB2580.

HOG WILD BILL: Makes it a crime to release wild-appearing swine without proper documentation. SB2879.

Yeah it true. Two years of legislation and not one job bill passed by the Tennessee legislation. In 2010, Tennessee Republicans promised to focus on job creation and education. Since, their capturing of the Tennessee Legislation, not one job creation bill has passed.

Ron Ramsey, Bill Haslam & Beth Harwell have lead Tennessee to the bottom with job loses as reported by Out of the Blue. Only Wisconsin has more job losses last month. More republican lies… in the 2010 election they promised jobs & all we have received is radical extremist legislation and GOP failure! The GOP can’t govern but they can sure lie!

Tennessee’s Failed Legislation for 2012: No Jobs?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Much has been said about the Tennessee “wing-nuts” legislative agenda. It has been laughable and a disgrace to the people of the great state of Tennessee. It has also been the nucleus of many jokes across the nation. What happens when backwoods mentality is adapted into law? Here is a list of some of the wing-nut’s legislation that failed in this year’s legislative session:

BAN-DISCRIMINATION LAWS: Repealing a ban on local governments from enacting stricter anti-discrimination standards than the state. SB2762.

MAKE ATTORNEY GENERAL A POLITICAL APPOINTMENT: Proposed amendment to constitution to have governor appoint the attorney general. SJR0693.

REDUCE LEGISLATIVE SESSIONS: Holding legislative sessions only every other year. HB2785.

CUT FOOD TAX TO HELP TENNESSEE FAMILIES: Requiring state to make cuts in sales tax on groceries if state has surplus revenues. SB3666.

REMOVE LIMIT ON CLASS SIZE: Lifting the cap on average class sizes at public schools. SB2210.

RESTRICT COLLEGE RIGHTS TO INACT NONDISCRIMINATION ON RELIGIOUS GROUPS: Banning colleges from enacting nondiscrimination policies on student religious groups. SB3597. (Vetoed by Gov. Bill Haslam)

ALLOW UNLIMITED CONTRIBUTIONS TO STATE LEGISLATORS: Lifting total amount of campaign contributions legislative candidates can accept from political action committees. HB3281.

DON’T SAY GAY: IT’S A BAD WORD: Banning teaching about gay issues to elementary and middle school students. HB0229.

MAKING JUDGES POLITICALLY APPOINTED HACKS: Holding popular elections for Supreme Court justices in August 2014. HB0173.

NO GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS NECESSARY: Exempting handgun carry permit holders from background checks for firearms purchases. SB0306.

EVERYONE NEEDS A GUN IN PARKING LOTS: Guaranteeing employees the right to store firearms in vehicles parked at work. SB3002.

RESTRICT PUBLIC ACCESS TO RECORDS: Blocking public access to names of owners of businesses receiving grants from state. HB2345.

HEALTH CARE COMPACT: Adding Tennessee to an interstate health care compact. HB0369.

HORSE SLAUGHTER: Encouraging horse slaughter facilities to locate in Tennessee. HB3619.

NO JUDICIAL REVIEW: Stripping state courts of the power to block laws enacted by the Legislature. SB2348.

LOBBYIST TO SERVE LAWMAKER’S FREE MEALS: Allowing employers of lobbyists to host receptions for standing legislative committees. HB3025.

ATTACKS ON STATE WORKERS – LAWMAKER-DRUG TESTING: Requiring drug tests for state lawmakers. HB2411.

BAN A LIVING WAGE: Banning cities and counties from establishing a living wage. HB3386.

RESTRICT LOTTERY SCHOLARSHIPS: Making it more difficult to earn lottery scholarships. SB2514.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee. HB0294.

DISCLOSURE OF MODEL LEGISLATION: Requiring bill sponsors to disclose if their measure is based on model legislation. HB2301.

NO MOTORCYCLE HELMETS NEEDED: Allowing adults to ride motorcycles without safety helmets. HB1673.

MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL: Banning mountaintop removal coal mining in Tennessee. SB0577.

NURSES ASSAULT: Increasing penalties for assaults on health care workers. SB2658.

ORAL CHEMOTHERAPY: Requiring insurers to cover oral chemotherapy treatments. HB1087.

FREEZE PER DIEM FOR STATE WORKERS: Freezing the per diem expense allowance for state lawmakers. SB1372.

SELECTING JUDGES-TENNESSEE PLAN: Proposed constitutional amendment to underscore current state system for selecting Supreme Court justices. SJR0183.

STRIPPER TAX: Taxing adult businesses and strippers to pay for reduction in tax on coins and bullion. HB0469.

TEACHER TENURE: Allowing teachers who receive average evaluations to qualify for tenure. HB2447.

TRUCK STOP BAN: Banning truck stops from within a half-mile of Nashville and Memphis. HB3683.

REPEAL VOTER SUPPRESSION LAW: Repealing Tennessee’s voter ID requirements. HB2176.

NO WINE IN SUPERMARKETS: Allowing wine to be sold in supermarkets. HB2874.

The saddest aspect of this legislative year is the fact that not one job bill was proposed by the Republican controlled legislation. The legislators felt it was more important to draft legislation drafted for “GOP” special interest (lobbyists, corporations, and the wealthy).