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UCDP Reorganization

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Dear Unicoi County Democrats,

As you probably know already, our official Unicoi County Leadership Elections (Reorganization) will occur on Saturday, April 6. Instead of our usual meeting time, we will meet at 11 am for a light breakfast and fellowship. At noon, we will close and lock the doors in order to begin the actual Reorganization process. It shouldn’t take long at all to finish the Reorganization once we begin. The 2019 County Party Reorg Guidelines describes it this way: “Every two years the Tennessee Democratic Party undertakes County Party Leadership elections – often referred
to as Reorganization – to elect the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and the executive committee of each county party.”

I want to encourage as many of you as possible to attend this important event. It’s all about electing effective county party leaders for the next two years, and we certainly have a crucial two years ahead of us. The all-important 2020 election will determine whether Democrats can steer our country back on track or we continue to falter at home and on the world stage while a demented toddler king throws tantrums and demands obeisance from everyone around him. We must do the good, hard work to see as many Democrats go into Office in 2020 as possible, especially the White House.

We also must work on local and state elections. Our plate is going to be full, so we need as many people on board as possible. Please join us on April 6 for the Reorganization and on the first Saturday of each month following that as we build strategy and get the Democratic Party moving toward Victory at home, in Nashville, and in Washington D.C.

As we get closer to April 6, I will send out more information about the Reorganization. The main thing to remember right now is that you must be inside the Erwin Town Hall before noon, or you will not be able to participate.

Michael Briggs
Chair, Unicoi County Democratic Party

Unicoi County Democratic Party Elects New Officers

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

The Unicoi County Democratic Party held reorganization today. The reorganization was conducted as a working lunch. Barbeque and fixings were catered by Jason Howze.

New Party Officers and Executive Committee members were elected. Mike K. Hampton was re-elected Chairman, Rick Smith was re-elected Vice-Chairman, Rob Martin was newly elected as Secretary and Virginia Hampton was re-elected as Treasurer.

The following Executive Committee members were elected; Bill Beckman, Gloria Mouton, Marvin Rogers, Phyllis Hawk, Bert Stephens, Evon Martin, John Hashe and Brooke Grant.

The reorganization was open to the public.

Unicoi County Democratic Party Re-organization Set

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

The Unicoi County Democratic Party (UCDP) will conduct reorganization on Saturday, April 6th. The reorganization will be held at Erwin Town Hall. Doors will open at 11 am for registration. Lunch will be provided to UCDP members. Doors will be locked at 12 noon and the reorganization will begin.

New Party Officers and Executive Committee members will be elected. Offices open for election include|: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Four Executive Committee members consisting of two men and two women will also be elected. The election will be conducted in accordance with the bylaws of State Democratic Party and the bylaws of the Unicoi County Democratic Party.

NOTE: The Unicoi County Democratic Party Bylaws can be found above on this page under GOP Dirty in the red banner.

The reorganization is open to the public. You must be a registered voter in Unicoi County and a bone fide Democrat to participate in reorganization.