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Unicoi County Democratic Party Re-organization Set

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

The Unicoi County Democratic Party (UCDP) will conduct reorganization on Saturday, April 6th. The reorganization will be held at Erwin Town Hall. Doors will open at 11 am for registration. Lunch will be provided to UCDP members. Doors will be locked at 12 noon and the reorganization will begin.

New Party Officers and Executive Committee members will be elected. Offices open for election include|: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Four Executive Committee members consisting of two men and two women will also be elected. The election will be conducted in accordance with the bylaws of State Democratic Party and the bylaws of the Unicoi County Democratic Party.

NOTE: The Unicoi County Democratic Party Bylaws can be found above on this page under GOP Dirty in the red banner.

The reorganization is open to the public. You must be a registered voter in Unicoi County and a bone fide Democrat to participate in reorganization.

Blow up Rocky Top? Special Topic at UCDP Meeting

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Blow up Rocky Top? This will be a special topic at the July 21st Unicoi County Democratic Party Meeting at 11 am at Erwin Town Hall on Main Street in Erwin, TN. Jennie Young, mountain activists, will be addressing this very important subject.

In March of this year, a state House subcommittee failed to pass legislation to stop coal companies from blowing the tops off Tennessee’s mountains.

The political hacks on the misnamed Conservation and Environment Subcommittee could not say no to the rich coal companies and bring themselves to actually vote down the bill itself.

Instead, lawmakers voted 6-4 to send the bill to summer study where Ron Ramsey plans to bury it for good. He knows that this is the same as voting to kill this bill, but Republican lawmakers insisted they want to study this issue. They claim they have not had had the time to think about it during any of the five sessions it’s been debated so far in the legislature.

Sadly, the coal companies are stuffing money in the pockets of these same legislators. Needless to say Ron Ramsey is a few hundred thousand dollars richer from his coal buddies filling his political coffers.

“What would Tennessee be without our mountains?” asked Rep. Mike McDonald, D-Portland, the bill’s sponsor.

He said coal companies have started mountaintop removal mining at eight locations in Tennessee since this bill first was proposed.

“We have delayed and delayed action on this and we’ve lost eight mountains since 2008 by delaying. If we don’t pass this bill this year, we’ll lose more mountains. … Just like it was historic when the Great Smoky Mountains were protected and preserved for future generations, this committee has a historic opportunity today to protect Tennesseans and Tennessee’s mountains. Without our mountains, Tennessee is not Tennessee.”

But Republican Legislators say they need more time to think about whether it’s “OK” to blow up our Tennessee Mountains. Once again, Tennessee Republicans show us that anything is possible and “everything is for sale” when you have no moral compass.

The Road to Re-election of OBAMA

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

In September, President Obama will be in Charlotte, North Carolina accepting the nomination for his second term as President of our United States.

Delegates will be Tennessee’s voice at the convention, stand on the convention floor as national Democratic leaders deliver their vision for our country and vote to nominate President Barack Obama for re-election.

This past Saturday, the first step of delegate selection was completed at the District Democratic Conventions across Tennessee where district delegates were elected. This Saturday on March 14th the trip to Charlotte continues as the TNDP Executive Committee elects delegates at large. On this day the full Tennessee delegation selection will be complete.

The day of celebration will end as Tennessee Democrats celebrates Jackson Day in Nashville, TN. Join the Tennessee celebration as we celebrate our history and our future.


Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Tennesseans have reason to be concerned by recent statements by state Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey about open government, loss of freedoms and the state’s open meetings law.

Ramsey said in an interview with The Associated Press in December that he thinks elected officials should have more freedom to have some discussions “in secret” outside of official public meetings.

Ramsey said he is in favor of open government and added, “But there’s got to be some kind of little something to allow people to talk without the fear that they’re going to be prosecuted.”

This last statement is void of logic and is a backwoods scare tactic to generate excuses to weaken Tennessee’s Sunshine law. Ramsey and his cronies want secret meetings void of any ethical oversight. One must ask why Tennessee Republicans want secret meetings. What is it they have to hide?

Ramsey’s comments come in the shadows of recent discussion by the Tennessee County Commissioners Association that would allow elected officials to meet privately and hold secret meetings void of any disclosure to the public about the public’s business.

It is expected that Republicans will submit a proposal in the form of a bill for consideration by the state legislature this year. Ramsey plans promise 2012 will get even darker for Tennesseans.

It is obvious that Ramsey’s comments, and the proposal itself, represent a danger to open government, ethics, accountability and the public trust.

The fear of prosecution that Ramsey brings up is not based in fact. It is simply based on lies.

Tennessee’s open meetings law applies specifically to meetings during which public officials deliberate about the people’s business. The Sunshine law was created in 1974, by the Democratic Legislature, to insure officials are, conducting the people’s business, making decisions on how to spend our taxpayer money and directing policy that will govern publicly funding employees and agencies in an open ethical manner.

Governor Bill Haslam said that he opposes the proposed change to the Sunshine law. Without this law, small groups of elected officials can meet privately “in secret” to debate an issue(s), with no regard to public interest and open honest government.

Commissioners in several counties have approved resolutions backing the changes. Similar resolutions have failed in other counties including Unicoi County.

On two recent occasions, Tennessee has been in the national spotlight on MSNBC. Sadly, under the actions of Ron Ramsey, Bill Haslam and the Republican Legislature, Tennessee is now the number 1 state in loss of freedoms in the United States.

The Tennessee GOP has attacked Teachers right to collective bargaining; enacted voter suppression laws that discriminate against senior citizens, college students, minorities and the handicapped, cut out early voting; restricted legal remedy for injury in the work place or because of unsafe products; capped damages for injury or death because of unsafe products, and they are currently gerrymandering voting districts by redistricting that will discriminate against minorities.

The Tennessee Republicans overreach and attack on Tennesseans brings a whole new meaning to living in a “red” state.

Unicoi County Commissioners to Vote to Terminate Sunshine Law

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The Unicoi County commissioners will be voting Monday, December 19th on weakening or terminating the Sunshine law.

The Tennessee Sunshine law was enacted in 1974 by a Democratic controlled Legislation. The purpose of the law was created to ensure public disclosure of governmental agencies and activities. Sunshine laws protect the interest of the people. They also ensure open government for the people.

For 37 years, Tennessee county governments have operated under the law with no problems. Now, some county officials insist the law presents them problems conducting the business of the people. These claims are false and misleading.

The only thing that has changed in 37 years is the fact that Republicans have gained control of the state legislature and those making these false claims are in office. One must wonder why the GOP and these county officials want to conduct secret meetings.

Democracy works when the people know the workings of the government. Secret meetings kept the peoples of Russia, China, Cuba, Nazi-Germany, Iran and Iraq in darkness. Secret meetings in Unicoi County will not be good for the people of Unicoi County.

Hopefully, the majority of Unicoi County commissioners rejected any attempt to weaken or strike the Sunshine law. Since these proposals are clearly planned attempts by Republicans to continue to weaken open government, people should remain alert to future attempts to weaken laws designed to protect the working middle class. Any government that operates in secrecy is no longer a democracy.

If you concerned about attempts to weaken open government, go to and sign the petition to protect the Tennessee Sunshine law.