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Populist Chaos in UK: Is America Next?

Friday, June 24th, 2016

The stock market in the United Kingdom lost $164 Billion in 600 seconds and this was the first ripple of the shock wave to sweep across world markets. It only took minutes after the British voted to leave the European Union (EU) for reality of the oncoming economic disaster that will cripple England as a result of this vote. It did not matter that false information [lies] fueled the opposition’s case to leave the EU. It did not take long for buyer’s remorse to sit in as the reality of this poor decision became painfully clear.

The decision to leave the EU brings into focus the power and ignorance of a disaffected electorate to force change, at any cost, and with no regard to pending doom resulting from the decision, to simply make a point with a reluctant establishment. One immediate question came to mind as Donald Trump relished potential personal economic gain from this decision as stock markets across the world plunged as millions of American’s 401 savings took a big hit. Will America pay the same economic price of ignorance in November?

As the sad reality of this poor decision takes hold, the English people already regret the pending doom that will be the results of this vote. It was the older English, many of whom were left behind economically, that voted to exit the EU. A similar demographic reflected by Trump supporters in America. It will be the English youth who will pay the high economic price for this bad decision to leave the EU.

All English youth could (and many did) work in the twenty-seven countries tied through agreements of the EU. Now those job opportunities are gone and many who have these job opportunities will lose these jobs. Economic ruin awaits England because of this decision. They will pay a high price for this full hearty vote. Will Americans make the same bad decision in November?

Donald Trump proved that while a global crisis was ongoing he was more interested in his business trip and self interest of selling over night stays at his renovated light house. The English people proved your vote does make a difference and ignorance can destroy your economy and country.

Yesterday England had the 5th largest economy in the world. Today England has the 6th largest economy. By the end of today, the US Stock Market closed -610.

La comunidad latina

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

o-DREAMER-FILM-facebookEl Partido Demócrata del Condado de Unicoi le invita a involucrarse políticamente en nuestra comunidad. La comunidad latina es una parte vibrante de nuestro condado de Unicoi, y nos gustaría saber de usted y hablar de los temas más importantes a nosotros. Reunámonos para hablar de la educación, la inmigración, la economía, y los servicios médicos en nuestra comunidad. También le suplicamos que se registre y vote. Venga a la próxima reunión en el Ayuntamiento de Erwin.

Para más información, póngase en contacto con Mike K. Hampton a 743-7696. También puede encontrarnos en Facebook en

o visite nuestro sitio Web en “.

Democratic Unity?

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

la-et-ct-cnn-ratings-20151014-003The friction between the Democratic presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders looks less of the problem for the party than past contested Democratic primaries. With that being said, Hillary Clinton is 71 delegates from reaching the number 2383 – the number needed to secure the nomination.

Next Tuesday, Hillary Clinton will reach the amount she needs to secure the Democratic nomination but will she close the divide herself and Bernie supporters?

Democrats are suggesting that the time has come to bring the two wings of the party together. Many feel that Hillary should select Bernie Sanders as her Vice-Presidential running mate while others believe she will/should offer Sanders platform concessions.

Putting a fractured party back together again is never easy and unifying the party is the first step to victory in November.

Clinton has to address the lack of excitement of her campaign and she needs the energy that Bernie has brought to the campaign. His large rallies filled with young [voters] people have been impressive. This excitement reminds many of the election of President Obama in 2008 that proved critical to Democratic victory.

Hard feelings between the Sanders and Clinton campaigns are minor compared to the division of the Donald Trump and Republicans. Trump continues his attacks on Republicans and Hillary Clinton but many Republicans are turning a blind eye to Trump’s lack of a moral compass and threat to the GOP in their lust/desire for Republican [victory] power.

Supporters of candidates who loose close races tend to stay home. But many feel the hatred that Trump has stirred will motivate many to get out and vote against his vile brand of hate. Unity occurred rather quickly after the Obama and Clinton 2008 race and many Democrats feel this will be the case again. Since many of Bernie supporters are first time voters with no party loyalty it will be essential that Hillary Clinton and Democrats do whatever is necessary to pull the party together.

Many Democrats are urging Clinton to include planks in the Democratic Party platform that incorporate Mr. Sanders’s popular positions while others feel she should select Bernie as her VP.

Clinton has moved to the left throughout the primary as she has responded to Mr. Sanders’s challenges but many liberals/progressives feel/fear that she will move back to the center in preparation for a general election battle and this will complicate the effort to appeal to Bernie’s voters, who are already leery of Clinton.

Clinton endorsed Obama, in 2008, soon after she dropped out of the race and this united Democrats. But, will Clinton be able to mend fences with Sanders and his supporters?

The horrible thoughts/reality of Trump in the White House will do more to unify the Democratic Party than anything Hillary or Bernie could do.