GOP Presidential Race Sinks into Gutter

il_570xN_383378165_4tk4The GOP candidates take a nose dive into the gutter. Trump has hit Cruz and Rubio hard with charges of both being liars. He points out that Rubio sweats because there is something wrong with him. He sweats so much they have to cover the sweat with makeup using a trawl to apply it to his face. He now calls him little Rubio and reminds all that he is a very nasty person. The last few days Rubio has come back strong with comments about Trumps plane as Hair force one and he points out that Trump is not going to make America great again, he is going to make it orange in reference to his spray tan. Cruz claims Trump has ties to New York Crime families and he can’t be trusted to be president.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ted Cruz (Tex.) are increasing the personal attacks against the other’s appearances and personal backgrounds. They are sinking to the lowest levels of profane discourse and personal attacks unprecedented in a presidential campaign. Rumors increase of a brokered convention as Republican Party leaders fear the long term damage of Trump as Trump victories becomes more increasingly likely. Voters are the real losers as the insults fly, while Republican Party leaders can only fear that the gutter tone of the race could have longer-term implications. As the tone becomes more and more personal and sinks even lower in the gutter, Democrats can only wonder, is this Republican implosion — manna from heaven?

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