Unicoi County Democratic Party Meeting: Saturday, Feb. 27th

UCDP MThe Unicoi County Democratic Party will meet Saturday, February 27 at 9a.m. at Erwin Town Hall.

This meeting will involve open conversation about our county party’s path forward. We will be discussing the latest about Insure Tennessee, Haslam plans for privatization of state jobs, building the county party, registering people to vote, and 2016 election year activities.

Discussion will include the 2016 Unicoi County Democratic Party Convention scheduled for March 5th at 11 am at Erwin Town Hall. Announcements on the District Democratic Convention and National Democratic Convention will also be part of the agenda. We will also discuss activities of the Tri-Cities Tennessee Young Democrats and College Democrats of America at ETSU. We will also be discussing funding/donations to these organizations.

We will discuss details of the 2016 Calendar of Events for the Unicoi County Democratic Party and meetings dates for the county party and plans to conduct phone banking for Democratic Voter turnout.

The public is welcome to attend. Get involved and help our county, state and nation move forward. For more information, call 743-7696. You can also

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