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Democratic Debate: The Adults Take the Stage

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

15.3 million Americans watched the adults take the stage in the first Democratic debate. Unlike the previous two Republican debates, the five Democratic candidates actually discussed issues and policies. There were no cruel personal attacks or attacks against women and immigrants. They did not call each other liars or make fun of each other’s looks. Who won the debate? The American people won because important issues were discussed.

Hillary Clinton showed a powerful performance. Bernie Sanders also scored points and performed well. Clinton landed strong punches on her opponents. She reminded O’Malley of his past support for her while scoffing at Bernie’s call for revolution and assailing him for being soft on guns. The debate may have solidified Clinton as a front runner but Bernie touted raising over 2 million dollars since last night’s debate.

There is glaring differences between the two parties. While the Republicans face growing divisions, Democrats have few divisions. They may have differences on how to achieve their goals, but they agree on many principles: They want to expand the social safety net, raise taxes on the wealthy, reduce mass incarcerations and use common sense to regulate guns. They also want to fight climate change and expand access to higher education.

The high point was when Bernie Sanders noted that the American people were damn tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails. They want the candidates to discuss the important issues that face the middle class.

So who won the debate? Clinton is the clear frontrunner and most polished candidate on stage but Bernie Sanders has popular star power. It is now clear to see why Republicans created the special tribunal (Benghazi Hearings) to attack her and tear down her high ratings: they fear her and have good reason to do so!


Friday, October 2nd, 2015

tndp logoDo I have to put my Social Security number on my voter registration form?

It’s a good idea to do so. Your social security number is necessary to register to vote, but if your county Election Administrator gets an application with that field blank, the Election Commission is instructed to give you a call. However, this could cause your application to slip through the cracks. It will save time and effort to include your social security number on your application.

If I’ve moved here from another state, do I fill out “Address Change” or “New Registration?”

Even if you were previously registered to vote in your home state, you should check the box “New Registration.” You are a new Tennessee voter, and checking “New Registration” indicates that you need to be added to Tennessee’s voter rolls for the first time.

Do I have to put my phone number on my voter registration form?

It is a good idea to do so. It’s not required, but the Election Commission may need to notify you if your registration is incomplete or anything goes wrong in the registration process.

What if I’m going to college here, but I’m from another state?

You can chose to register either in your home state, or at your address here in Tennessee.

What if I’m homeless? What do I put as my address?

If you are without a home address, you can still register to vote. One of the reasons they need your address is to know where to send your voter registration card. Therefore, the easiest way to register is to list the address of a local homeless shelter or church that opens its door to the homeless. Make sure that you frequent the place you list as your address to make sure that you get your Voter Registration card when they send it to you.

What if I have been convicted of a felony and have lost my voting rights?

You can get your voting rights restored. For more detailed information on Voting Rights Restoration, please pick up our info packet on how to restore your rights.