Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Subsidies

logoRev1Washington – A few hours ago, the Supreme Court upheld a key provision of Obamacare. In a 6-3 ruling, millions of Americans will continue to receive tax subsidies that basically allows them to afford health care. Opponents attempted to kill ObamaCare by dismantling a key provision that allows consumers to receive subsides. This is a major victory for President Obama and the American people. Americans will continue to be able to purchase affordable health care for themselves and their families.

After 50 votes, two Supreme Court rulings and the 2012 elections, a reasonable person would say it is time to move forward and work for the American people. But, Republican candidates for president are already making false and empty claims to continue the war against ObamaCare. New poll numbers show that the lies are beginning to loose its deceptive power to deceive as a growing majority of Americans support ObamaCare.

It is obvious that ObamaCare is working and lowering health care cost. As the truth continues to be exposed on the facts of ObamaCare, support for the idea will only grow.

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