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TNGOP Attack on the Middle Class Continues

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

150px-Business_moneyNashville – Yesterday the Republican Legislature continued its attacks on the middle class, voting to dramatically undermine salaried workers on all fronts. After opening the legislative session with a week of laws crafted for the NRA, Republicans have turned their attention to helping their other rich friends.

In a barrage of laws designed to gut middle class family earnings, the TNGOP continue to show their loyalty to their masters [lobbyists and wealthy donors] with legislation crafted to protect the wealthy. Among the laws addressed, three laws were especially ruthless toward working Tennessee families.

First, Republicans voted to eliminate longevity pay designed to reward state workers for years of public service. Second, they voted to gut health insurance benefits for state and local employees. Third, in their continued attacks against public education and teachers, Republicans voted to let charter schools throw their employees off the insurance provided by local school boards and force them to get insurance elsewhere.

Under the anti-public education bill, outside charter organizations, after taking over public schools, will now be in a position to cut costs by simply taking benefits out of their teachers’ pockets.

Individually, these bills are bad for Tennessee workers and their families. Taken together, they are the latest chapter in Republican efforts to undermine the middle class and continue the move toward a society of rich and the poor masses. Is this the Tennessee most people want their children to grow up in?

The only resistance to the Republican super-majority managed to pass these bills is minority status Democrats who overwhelmingly opposed the legislation. Democrats amended the longevity pay bill to delay cuts for a minimum of five years, but the amendment was voted down. They also urged delay of the massive insurance cuts, given their significant impact on retirees and current employees, but Republicans pushed forward despite his objections.

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

559953_545779358786752_100427983_nEarlier today Hillary Clinton announces that she is in as a 2016 Presidential candidate. The announcement was little surprise to anyone after years of speculation. Hillary is possibly the most qualified person to seek the office as president.

A wave of support has been building for Hillary for several years as anticipation has reached epic heights. As the inevitable has become obvious, the attacks from the right has intensified against her. As the GOP [wing-nuts] Presidential hopefuls have positioned themselves as the most conservative [outrageous], so has the attacks against her exploded in an orgy of conservative lies and misinformation. The Republican fear of Hillary Clinton is real and for good reason, the announcement positions Hillary as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee and next President of the United States. untitled