Snakes in the Backwoods of Tennessee

aaaaaTennessee – A walk in the woods, much as a walk through Tennessee politics can prove dangerous. We often hear the warning, “Watch out for snakes”, dangerous “poisonous” snakes can be found in many parts of Tennessee, both in the woods and in the political backwoods of Tennessee.

I feel more safe dealing with snakes in the woods: rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins. They are deadly but easy to identify and avoid. The other forms of snakes in the Tennessee backwoods are a more formidable adversary. Hate filled racists are deadly creatures that can be hard to detect, some hide under sheets and others strike with venomous words in Facebook and in other social media. Teabaggers are the most dangerous form of snake located in various parts of Tennessee.

They tend to be of the more average run of mill type folks who are often close minded and filled with hatred. They also hold illogical beliefs, often seen fighting against their own best interest, these “snakes” are the biggest threat against the middle class. Although they are in the middle class, but, more often than not, they are minions of the rich and powerful working for the behest of the wealthy. They were used to crush middle class struggles in Wisconsin and in union battles in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some of these idiots even fly snake flags in their yards or place snake car tags on their vehicles.

Snakes are even attempting to take over the Republican party in Tennessee and nationally. Currently, efforts are underway by the national GOP to terminate these unwanted pests. The backwoods boys in Tennessee politics love these snakes. They tend to be misinformed and are willing to do the bidding of the wealthy, even when it harms them or their families. Snakes are not wanted by anyone. What type of idiot would choose a snake as their system of unity? A teabagger. Snakes are vile creatures that can be traced all the way back to the garden of Eden in the old testament.

One thing about snakes has not changed, they are deceitful now; as they were back in the old testament. Some things never change. Snake are indeed dangerous creatures that must be handled with care. Be careful, you never know when a snake is around you!

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