The Snake Strikes Back: Eric Cantor Defeated

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss tonight, to David Brat, a tea party-aligned Republican, is sending shockwaves through the political world, stunning everyone but nobody more than House Republicans. The Teabagger takeover of the Republican Party is now complete.

How can Mr. Conservative with a 96% Conservative Voting Rating be not conservative enough? The GOP will now be driven even further to the extreme.

Cantor was the most conservative member of the House leadership. He was also seen as Boehner’s successor. He was an early champion of the tea party, but was deemed a traitor recently as he started siding with Boehner again.

This is a major victory of conservatives [teabaggers]. Have they brought an abrupt end to the storyline that the tea party is in decline? Or have they simply and ignorantly eliminated the House leader who was most likely to side with them on big issues? The big losers are: the Republican Party establishment, Immigration Reform and the Republican Party.

NOTE: Eric Cantor helped form his Gerrymandered District. He wanted the most conservative district possible. How fitting that his conservative district turned against him in this election.

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