Mitch’s Bizarre Embrace of Kynect [Ky Obamacare]… Tell me another lie Mitch

The Republican Senate minority leader’s lies about Obamacare have been exposed. His pro-repeal stance has crumbled as his current position has become a contradiction. He also says his home state of Kentucky should be allowed to keep Kynect, the popular state-based Obamacare exchange, even if the federal law Obamacare is eliminated? What?

The Senate GOP leader’s remarks follow a report Friday when McConnell, in a move that raised eyebrows, told home state reporters that the fate of Kynect was “unconnected” to the fate of Obamacare. The popularity of Kynect has made his attacks and lies on Obamacare more difficult. How can Kentuckians love Kynect (Kentucky Obamacare) if it is as bad as Mitch claimed it to be?

It’s unclear how McConnell’s idea might work — or if it can work. Kynect relies upon Obamacare and would not have existed without it. The federal health care law funds the subsidies it hands out to help Kentuckians buy [Obamacare] insurance; it establishes the regulations that protect residents with preexisting conditions; it imposes the individual mandate to entice younger people into the system in order to prevent a cycle of price spikes. If Obamacare is repealed, all these features collapse and Kynect crumbles.

Will McConnell’s remark signal to other Republicans that it’s acceptable to alter the lies about Obamacare, perhaps for the sake of preventing Democratic attacks about the GOP wanting to strip away health coverage for millions of newly insured Americans, a lie is acceptable?

Republicans have also backed themselves into a corner by hammering Obamacare for canceling millions of policies that didn’t comply with the law’s minimum coverage standards. Now that Obamacare itself has covered millions [over 10 million] of Americans since its exchanges went live on Oct. 1, 2013, the GOP cannot call for taking away that coverage without political repercussions.

As McConnell now wavers on Obamacare, he is signaling that the game is over for the wing-nut repeal coalition — but what about the Republican key to midterm election victory [Obamacare bashing]. Just tell another big Republican lie, Mitch: Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi

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