Unicoi County Democratic Party to Hold January Caucus for County Elections

caucus_mainERWIN – The Unicoi County Democratic Party recently notified Sarah Bailey, Unicoi County Election Commission Administrator, that it members had decided to have a caucus for the 2014 county elections.

The Democratic caucus will be held at 11 am on Saturday, January 4, 2014 at Erwin Town Hall.

Anyone who chooses to run for county office as a democrat should attend this caucus. The caucus will remain open for anyone deciding to run as a Democrat after this date.

Notification must be made to the Unicoi County Democratic Party early enough to allow the party to submit a letter stating the person’s intent to run for the specific office. The letter must be signed by two executive committee members of the county party and submitted to the Unicoi County Election Committee by the qualifying deadline of February 20, 2014 at noon.

The Unicoi County Democratic Party notified Sarah Bailey on Thursday, November 21 of the decision to hold a caucus.

The election commission was also notified that District 1 (Carter, Johnson, Unicoi and Washington) counties had decided to hold non-partisan judicial elections because they felt that judicial elections should not be partisan positions.

The Unicoi County Democratic Party also voiced disapproval against the use of taxpayer money; in excess of $20,000, used to hold a primary in a time when the money could be better used to help the host of charities helped by the Unicoi County United Way.

For more information about running as a Democrat in Unicoi County: call 743-7608 or 743-3063.

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