Red State Mentality

art-gop-fascism-posterFrom striping voting rights to slashing food “SNAP” assistance to America’s hungry, the mentality of red state America is becoming increasingly morally corrupt. Void of a moral compass, Republicans and conservatives in red states rush to outdo each other with legislation based on ignorance and mean spirited intent. Their blatant attacks and hatred toward the poor is frightening. The wealthy are more than happy to finance their greed based agenda. The mindless Teabaggers serve as their foot soldiers ready to do the bidding of the rich and powerful.

These same people share something else, a evil hatred for President Obama. The birtherism movement was born in the bowels of the red states. Birtherism is based on ignorance, racism and stupidly. It is one of the first scared beliefs of the Teabagger movement. The belief is fueled by minions of the rich. These people aren’t terribly smart. They work for the rich to undermine the middleclass and they are middleclass. Their red hot rhetoric is a direct threat to democracy and freedom. This disturbing behavior is only matched by extremists in the Taliban.

The American Taliban excels in political theater. Their leaders include Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruise. Their ignorance is based on lies and paranoia and fueled by racism and hatred. They hate science and facts. They use creationism to justify their lies, based on the bible, they claim, under their ignorance based interpretation of it. There is a real disconnect between reality and their beliefs. They hate the government but don’t touch their Social Security. They distort history to justify their ignorance based beliefs. They demonize knowledge and intellect. They reject facts.

antiOBAMAThey say they want to take back their county. The question is take it where? To dirt roads and caves? When it comes to their biggest hatred – Obamacare, they have forgot that Obamacare was the central issue in two elections that elected Obama, or that Obamacare was upheld by both houses of congress and the Supreme Court. They address the landslide elections against them with voter suppression laws. If you have policies that the majority of Americans clearly reject, the solution is to reduce the number of those who can vote. Prevent the majority from voting and the minority can dictate their ignorance based beliefs.

From issues that range from abortion to workers rights, voting rights to women rights, minimum wage to immigration, marriage equality to individual freedoms, those in the red states are on the wrong side of history. We can only be thankful that the majority of Americans reject this ignorance and that those in the red states are a growing minority. Americans must remain diligent to prevent the extremists “red state mentality” threat against democracy in America from becoming a twisted reality. Red state wing-nut ignorance is not only laughable, it is dangerous.

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  1. Patrick Lilley Says:

    Great article. Even now, the Ron Ramsey clan is hammering away at their own republican senators (Alexander and Corker) for not being more hate-filled, more obstructive and honestly , more ignorant. It’s like if this guy isn’t showing enough hate, someone will run against him with an even more REICHT WINGED set of promises. And much like the writer says here : Don’t these people know that THEY ARE the middle class that the wealthy hope to push into poverty and thus render then powerless. ANY American on either side of the aisle should be mortified that someone was debunked the right to vote , because guess what? You’re next !

    Please take a few moments to go to a site calked Brainyquotes and look at quotes by Adolph Hitler. It absolutely parallels the tea party platform. I’m serious, not trying to be insulting. It’s insulting enough on its own.

    And I very much like the photo and the phrase “ITs not fascism if we are the ones doing it.” Ignorance is synonymous with aggression. I don’t mind STUPID. I just wish ironwood stay at home. But NO, not only is STUPID everywhere, now it’s almost a Ron Ramsey requirement that everybody have a gun.

    Lastly, yes it would be laughable if it wasn’t dangerous. the comedy channel has Ron Ramsey on quite regularly. It’s embarrassing. He said that when he first heard of Muslims (when the controversy of the mosque in Murfeesboro started) that he had to go look it up. …. An ETSU graduate that had to check a dictionary to find out what a Muslim was. He needs to read the Bible to find out what a Christian is.

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