Happy Holidays

As the holidays approach, many of us have so much to be thankful for. As a nation, we have been blessed with an abundance of food, good health and wealth. Unfortunately, many in our nation are not faring so well.

Over 47 million Americans go hungry daily. Over 101 million Americans currently receive government food assistance. Approximately 40 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Over 44 million Americans do not have health insurance but most of these people will be able to get affordable health care on January 1 under the affordable health care act . Millions of Americans are still unemployed. 633,732 Americans are currently homeless. Over 20 million Americans say they have experienced homelessness once in life.

These are sobering facts, and sadly, some try to ignore or gloss over these facts. Millions of Americans are struggling to survive and these people need help.

Some people say it is the place of the church to help these people; but the church does not have the resources to help everyone. Some people say it is up to charities to help; but charities are struggling to stay open. Food pantries are empty. Some people say those in need are lazy or a victim of their own bad choices. These are a few of the excuses used to justify not giving help. In reality, the only entity that is large enough to provide the level of help needed is the federal government.

This was proven during and after the Great Depression, and when it comes to past, the same will be the result in the current economic conditions. This is probably unwelcome news for those who spend their time assaulting the federal government and protecting the 1%.

It seems some who attack the federal government only do so with their party is not in the majority. It is even more interesting that when they are in control of the government, things seem to collapse; the economy fails, financial institutions collapse, greed and self indulgence runs rampant.

Many people have demonized the act of helping those in need by using the word liberal or calling those in need lazy. Greedy people love the word Liberal. Liberalism is what made this nation great. You have your social security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, disability insurance, Veteran benefits, consumer protection, food protection, food stamps, environmental protection, worker protection, and many other benefits because of the acts of liberalism.

The bankers stuffed their pockets full of taxpayer dollars. Large corporations stuff their pockets full of stolen taxpayer dollars and corporate welfare. Elected officials misuse taxpayer money. Greed permeates our society at every level. The 1% get tax breaks while the middle class is carrying the burden and/or being crushed. Some even suggest that the Bible should be revised to remove the sections that direct people to care for the poor.

How long will we have no compassion or sympathy for those in need? Some people seem to have no problem with fellow Americans having no health insurance coverage. Many have no problems with American families sleeping in tent cities under bridges. Republicans and conservatives have no problem slashing money from the SNAP programs although millions of Americans are hungry and need food assistance.

We have much to be thankful for but how long will it be before we become one of the less fortunate? We are the 99% and many are one pay check away from the streets. If you loose your job, home, health insurance or food, do you want to be told, “I will pay for mine and you pay for yours”?

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  1. Patrick Lilley Says:

    I never run out of faults of the teabaggers and republicans. They are more enemies of democracy than any external terrorist group. But I’d like to take a moment to fault US. I mean democrats. I mean real humans.

    For starters, I thank God that during the presidential election, that fella got the video of Mitt making the famous disparaging remarks about us 47% freeloaders. If that video hadn’t been taken, I fear that we might be saying “president Romney” today.

    But I fault us 47%ers for NOT being able to stick together on a single issue. Now, most of us agree that Walmart sux. Did you know what would happen to the fat freeloaders on Wall Street and the sickening Walton family if we VOWED not to spend a single solitary dime at walmart for one lousy month? Just one month and it would shatter those bastards to kingdom come.

    That’s our fault.

    They will try to use FOX NEWS to try to sell it to is that it will harm their employees. Somehow they will try to hold their own employees as human shields in front of our assault. DO IT ANYWAY. REMEMBER FOX NEWS IS THE PROPAGANDA STATION OF SATAN.

    Boycott walmart. Hell, you might enjoy it. They count on our own greed. We must deny ourselves for our countrymen.

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