GOP Wing-nuts Shutdown Government

Image-Federal-government-shutdown-graphic-genericWASHINGTON — House Republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting yesterday bewildered and with no new strategy to end the budget standoff. They had an angry plea to President Obama to negotiate over his health care law.

“This isn’t some damned game,” whined Speaker John A. Boehner. “The American people don’t want their government shut down, and neither do I. All we’re asking for is to sit down and have a discussion, reopen the government and bring fairness to the American people under Obamacare.”

But Republicans forget that Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in both houses, the Supreme Court upheld the law and President Obama was re-elected with Obamacare as a major issue in the election.

Four days into a crisis that was created by the teabaggers in Congress — and 12 days before the nation faces an even more serious deadline to raise the statutory borrowing limit or risk defaulting on its debts — Republican in Congress have no clue what they want to end the Government shutdown. In polls, the American people are clearly blaming Republicans for this politically motivated shutdown. 72% do not feel a Government shutdown is an appropriate tool for working out a budget.

The House Republicans continued on Friday generate a series of minibills to reopen parts of the government, passing measures to finance issues most damaging to their actions of shutting down the government. They also held photo ops to mask their shameful shutdown with various groups negatively affected by the shutdown.
In a rare Saturday session, the House will vote on a bill to assure federal workers that they will receive back pay once the government is reopened.

The White House issued another veto threat. “The administration strongly opposes House passage of piecemeal fiscal year 2014 appropriations legislation that restores only very limited activities,” the veto message said. “Consideration of appropriations bills in this fashion is not a serious or responsible way to run the United States government. Instead of opening up a few government functions, the House of Representatives should reopen all of the government.”

Beyond the minibills, Republican leaders will promote a Twitter hashtag, #LetsTalk, and send rank-and-file members to national monuments and memorials to blame Democrats for the closings.

As the fallout to the shutdown heats up, a growing number of Republicans wonder why they are doing this.

Senate Democrats and President Obama are standing firm against any measure that links further financing of the government to a blow against the Affordable Care Act, and they are opposing Republican efforts to relieve the pressure by reopening politically sensitive or visible government functions.

The mixed messages from Republican leaders may be aiding the Democrats’ cause as it is becoming more difficult for Republicans to explain why they shut down the government. More shockingly, they have no strategy on reopening the government or averting a debt default.

The hard-line stance of Republican House members on the government shutdown is generating increasing anger among senior Republican officials, who say the small bloc of conservative teabaggers is undermining the party and helping President Obama. Polls seem to back up this fear, as Republicans are receiving the blame for the shutdown from the American people.

Republican elders also worry that the tactics of Ted Cruz and his wing-nut allies in the House are reinforcing the party’s image as obstructionist, and benefiting President Obama.

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