The Divided States of America

In the midst of dramatic demographic and social change, America is quickly becoming divided into two separate nations. One is a progressive nation striving to move forward for change while another is woven of regional rigid politics driven by hatred, racism and conservative “close minded” dogma.

A recent public opinion study from the PEW Research Center found that:
“Americans often say they want their elected representative in Congress to put the country’s need over local concerns. But findings suggest the opposite. Members of Congress who place their district or state over those of the country are rewarded while those who place the welfare of the nation over local issues will be punished.”
The nation has become polarized by rigid ideological rhetoric generated in Republican controlled “red” states. Shifting demographic and cultural changes threaten to make our tribalism permanent.

There is currently an explosion of minority populations and stagnation in white populations. Recent gerrymandering efforts by Republicans will only delay the inevitable; either conservatives change or they will drown in a sea of minority “new majority”. The evidence was clear in the last Presidential election— nationally, Republicans have lost the popular vote in four of the last five Presidential elections.

A 2009 Pew Research Center report found, “While top earners (those earning $100,000 or more) were almost evenly split among Democrats, independents and Republicans, the lowest earners (those making $20,000 or less) were more than twice as likely to be Independents than Republicans, and were nearly three times as likely to be Democrats than Republicans.” This is why a growing number of political observers point to a future of Democratic dominance; especially in light of Republican and conservative refusal to change.

Other studies point to changes in marriage or the decline of marriage. New definitions of family are emerging in America. Other data noted changing birth rates in the different areas of America. But in almost every case, the blue states that went for Barack Obama in 2012 had the higher ages of first marriage, and the red states that went for Mitt Romney had lower ones.

More notable changes are also occurring in America. American’s affiliation with churches has fallen from 68% in 1975 to 48% in 2013. On the moral front – the majority of American’s are becoming more liberal – supporting same sex marriage — while Americans in the red states condemn same sex marriage.

Other notable changes are seen in the growing confidence of the military which has exploded from 58% in 1975 to 76% in 2013. This may explain the shocking point that recent government ease dropping on Americans doesn’t sound as many alarms as it should. Is individual liberty and collective good less important than personal responsibility and social responsibility?

On a growing number of issues, conservative arguments on many issues no longer resonate nationally and that spells bad news for Republicans. The potential voters from Republicans are shrinking while the demographics of potential Democratic voters are exploding.

This may explain Republican’s stand on extreme issues on voter suppression, racism, closed borders, abortion, immigration, the war on women and minority groups – all designed to slow the growth and expansion of liberalism and Democratic control.

How long will these failing efforts by the Republicans delay the death of conservative power and Republican national prominence? Will Republicans change or will they drown in the tidal wave of demographic and social change.

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