Farm Bill Defeat: Democrats Refuse to Cut Food Stamps

Washington – Thursday, the farm bill was defeated in a shocking lack of leadership by the Speaker, John Boehner of Ohio. The defeat highlights the division between the teabagger conservatives in Congress and their leadership.

The vote against the bill was 234 to 195 as conservatives were not pleased with the weak cuts in the bill, while Democrats voted against the bill because of the cruel cuts in the food stamp program. The current bill, as it stands, would cast over 2 million Americans into a food crisis.

The defeat was a major blow to the speaker of the house who has been reduced to weak figure head. His main purpose is protecting his position as speaker. Boehner continues to fail at any attempt to pass major legislation.

The farm bill has traditionally passed easily with bipartisan support. But, since the wing-nut teabaggers come to town, all attempts to pass legislation have come to a complete stop. They have basically shutdown the government.

Conservatives insist of massive cuts to the farm bill that will fall squarely on the backs of the poor by slashing $20.5 billion from the food stamp program.

Conservatives were successful in passing two amendments, one to require food stamp recipients to meet federal welfare work requirements, and another to allow states to drug test food stamp applicants. Obviously, it remains a high priority with conservatives and Republicans to punish and attack poor people.

Several of the Republican members of Congress who voted to cut food stamps receive farm subsidies themselves. It is shocking that conservatives and Republicans insist on making cuts for those who are suffering the most.
Unfortunately, poor people are unable to fill the pockets of the greedy conservatives and Republicans. Teabaggers remain loyal to their wealthy owners.

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