Tennessee’s Backwoods Legislature

Between the monkey law and gateway sexual activity, backwoods legislation in the Tennessee Legislature has brought shame to Tennessee. Add in an outrageous quote from Sen. Stacey Campfield and a review of the legislation of guns in bars, guns in cars, and guns in schools and you have the winner of the nations worst legislation.

National recognition of ignorance for Tennessee!

Mother Jones magazine, the liberal publication best known lately for unearthing a videotape of Mitt Romney kissing off 47 percent of the nation’s voters, has published a new list of the nation’s worst legislatures and given Tennessee top honors.

Tennessee legislators have set themselves apart by actually passing the abstinence-only bill, the one severely restricting discussion of sexual activity in public schools. The quote from Campfield, in which he traced the origin of AIDS inaccurately to sex between a monkey and an airline pilot, didn’t hurt our entry.

Special honors should have be given to Ron Ramsey and Beth Harwell who led us to this dismal point in legislation. Honorable mention should be given to our governor, Bill Haslam, who allows ignorant legislation to slide into law without actually signing it.

You also have proposed bills that sanction bullying of kids in schools and a legislation focused on serving the special interest groups. The backwoods boys of NETN have managed to disgrace Tennessee with their ignorance and arrogance. Americans are laughing coast to coast at the expense of the Tennessee Legislature and its moran based legislation. Wonder why folks talk about barefoot Tennesseans? Ask our backwoods ignorance based Legislators where their ignorance is celebrated with acts of stupidy every open session!

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  1. Patrick Lilley Says:

    Ever tried to hold an intelligent conversation with a Ron Ramsey? It’s simply can’t be done. I live in Bristol, TN and I haven’t had representation since the moron took office. None of his constituents have either, but they’re too stupid to know it. I literally view Ramsey as more of an enemy against democracy than any external terrorist. And his little band of minions haven’t got enough manhood amongst them to construct a small schoolgirl. Ron Ramsey is barely qualified to auction off farm animals. David Hawk punched his wife in the face on a Sunday morning drunk while she was holding a baby and was reinstated as their house rep. this came two weeks after he gave a speech about domestic violence and family values. Matthew Hill has tens of thousands of dollars missing from his federally funded bullshit mountain. And then his little brother ripped off money with RIGHT WAY MARKETING by hiring 50 people to get funding for “training them” . He got the training money and then let all 50 employees go. ALL THIS WITH A BIBLE IN ONE HAND. The list doesn’t stop. It literally goes on forever. These thugs are no less or more gang member just like the crips or the bloods. But my least favorite of all is Ramsey. I can’t stand him. I hate him, in a totally Christian sort of way…….

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