Is the GOP Losing its Southern Comfort?

Much can be said about the red states and the GOP strong hold on these states. But are cracks beginning to appear in this strong hold? If you review the data, the blue votes are increasing in the red states.

The cracks became obvious in the 2008 Presidential Election in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina when these states voted Democratic. Florida and Virginia went blue in the 2012 Presidential election, North Carolina went red by a narrow margin. Blue votes have also been increasing in Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Gerry mandering has allowed the GOP to maintain control of many local governments and legislatures in red states but is this control a paper tiger? Many of the old red firewalls across the south are crumbling.

The increase in the Hispanic vote can be attributed directly as one example to these phenomena. In south Florida, in the 2012 Presidential election, Cuban Americans voted overwhelmingly for President Obama. Experts contend that older Cuban Americans who blamed the Democrats for the Bay of Pigs has died off and the younger Cuban Americans don’t remember the Bay of Pigs event.

In the next two to six years, Georgia, Texas and Georgia will become a blue state. These same phenomena are also occurring in the West where once held red states are now becoming blue. Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado have voted blue the last two Presidential elections.

LBJ (President Johnson) noted that with the passage of civil rights legislation, the south would be lost for generation. After thirty-five years his prediction appears to be coming to past and some of the red control of these states is disappearing.

The biggest reason for the blue voter increase in the south is because of the GOP’s wrong stance on many issues. From attacks on immigrates to voter suppression, the very segments of the population that are increasing are under attack by Republicans. During the recent Presidential election, the Republican Party lost virtually all segments of the population except for angry white males. Almost a month after the election, there is no indication that Republicans have learned anything from their dismal election results.

They appear to be prepared to hang onto their old outdated wrong stands on an array of many issues. These same issues resulted in the re-election of President Barack Obama. There is a good reason why many Democrats are smiling today and Republicans are unhappy. Is the old southern strategy dead? If major changes are not adopted by the Republican Party, the 2014 midterm elections may bring even more gifts to the Democratic Party from sections of the south.

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