GOP Faithful: Dazed and Confused

What happened? If you are one of the Republicans, roaming the southern fields of ignorance, like sheep, you are probably walking around in a daze. Wondering where things went wrong… Fox told you that the evil Obama was history! Your Baptist church told you to vote for Romney… even though he is one of the high priests of the Mormon cult. Never mind that Mormon’s see Baptists as whores of Satan. Never mind that “value voters” threw their values in the closet to vote for a liar. Exposed was the hypocrisy of so called value voters… they will vote for anything as long as an “R” in front of its name.

But how could everything go so wrong? Conservatives blame it on hurricane Sandy. The perfect “evil” plan to destroy Obama did not materialize but the perfect storm did. The voter suppression tactics failed. The racist attacks on President Obama failed. The river of money from the rich and the corporations failed. The hate filled rallies of the moron teabaggers failed. The perfect lies of Romney failed. A campaign designed in hell… failed!

The Republican faithful were misled by being blinded by “hate filled” enthusiasm. They failed to realize that both sides had enthusiasm but only one side had the game plan driven by facts and data. They also failed to realize voter suppression did not suppress minority voters; it angered them and they voted in large numbers; stood in lines for seven hours to do so. They failed to realize that the majority of Americans are not racists. They failed to realize that Hispanics, African Americans, women, the old, and the young would rise up against them and vote. They failed to realize that the majority did not support the mindless teabaggers and their ignorant beliefs. They also failed to realize that an election cannot be bought by the rich and corporations. They failed to realize that lies did not move people to Romney; it exposed him for having no plan, no substance, no moral compass and that moved people to Obama’s message. They [failed] to read the electorate and that miscalculation cost them the election and possibly cost them their party.

Will the Republican’s remain on the wrong side of the issues? Will a civil war wage within the party and for control of the party? Has the Republican Party been reduced to a regional southern party? All these questions will be answered as the shock of this defeat wears off. But will ignorance continue to control this party and drive its direction? Considering the Congress remains in Republican control and the leaders of this party are the same persons who have waged this hate filled anti-Obama war…don’t be surprised if the Obstructionism continues and the Republican Party continues on its self-destructive path. Let the civil war begin!

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