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Is the GOP Losing its Southern Comfort?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Much can be said about the red states and the GOP strong hold on these states. But are cracks beginning to appear in this strong hold? If you review the data, the blue votes are increasing in the red states.

The cracks became obvious in the 2008 Presidential Election in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina when these states voted Democratic. Florida and Virginia went blue in the 2012 Presidential election, North Carolina went red by a narrow margin. Blue votes have also been increasing in Georgia, Texas and Arizona.

Gerry mandering has allowed the GOP to maintain control of many local governments and legislatures in red states but is this control a paper tiger? Many of the old red firewalls across the south are crumbling.

The increase in the Hispanic vote can be attributed directly as one example to these phenomena. In south Florida, in the 2012 Presidential election, Cuban Americans voted overwhelmingly for President Obama. Experts contend that older Cuban Americans who blamed the Democrats for the Bay of Pigs has died off and the younger Cuban Americans don’t remember the Bay of Pigs event.

In the next two to six years, Georgia, Texas and Georgia will become a blue state. These same phenomena are also occurring in the West where once held red states are now becoming blue. Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado have voted blue the last two Presidential elections.

LBJ (President Johnson) noted that with the passage of civil rights legislation, the south would be lost for generation. After thirty-five years his prediction appears to be coming to past and some of the red control of these states is disappearing.

The biggest reason for the blue voter increase in the south is because of the GOP’s wrong stance on many issues. From attacks on immigrates to voter suppression, the very segments of the population that are increasing are under attack by Republicans. During the recent Presidential election, the Republican Party lost virtually all segments of the population except for angry white males. Almost a month after the election, there is no indication that Republicans have learned anything from their dismal election results.

They appear to be prepared to hang onto their old outdated wrong stands on an array of many issues. These same issues resulted in the re-election of President Barack Obama. There is a good reason why many Democrats are smiling today and Republicans are unhappy. Is the old southern strategy dead? If major changes are not adopted by the Republican Party, the 2014 midterm elections may bring even more gifts to the Democratic Party from sections of the south.


Sunday, November 11th, 2012

GOP Faithful: Dazed and Confused

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

What happened? If you are one of the Republicans, roaming the southern fields of ignorance, like sheep, you are probably walking around in a daze. Wondering where things went wrong… Fox told you that the evil Obama was history! Your Baptist church told you to vote for Romney… even though he is one of the high priests of the Mormon cult. Never mind that Mormon’s see Baptists as whores of Satan. Never mind that “value voters” threw their values in the closet to vote for a liar. Exposed was the hypocrisy of so called value voters… they will vote for anything as long as an “R” in front of its name.

But how could everything go so wrong? Conservatives blame it on hurricane Sandy. The perfect “evil” plan to destroy Obama did not materialize but the perfect storm did. The voter suppression tactics failed. The racist attacks on President Obama failed. The river of money from the rich and the corporations failed. The hate filled rallies of the moron teabaggers failed. The perfect lies of Romney failed. A campaign designed in hell… failed!

The Republican faithful were misled by being blinded by “hate filled” enthusiasm. They failed to realize that both sides had enthusiasm but only one side had the game plan driven by facts and data. They also failed to realize voter suppression did not suppress minority voters; it angered them and they voted in large numbers; stood in lines for seven hours to do so. They failed to realize that the majority of Americans are not racists. They failed to realize that Hispanics, African Americans, women, the old, and the young would rise up against them and vote. They failed to realize that the majority did not support the mindless teabaggers and their ignorant beliefs. They also failed to realize that an election cannot be bought by the rich and corporations. They failed to realize that lies did not move people to Romney; it exposed him for having no plan, no substance, no moral compass and that moved people to Obama’s message. They [failed] to read the electorate and that miscalculation cost them the election and possibly cost them their party.

Will the Republican’s remain on the wrong side of the issues? Will a civil war wage within the party and for control of the party? Has the Republican Party been reduced to a regional southern party? All these questions will be answered as the shock of this defeat wears off. But will ignorance continue to control this party and drive its direction? Considering the Congress remains in Republican control and the leaders of this party are the same persons who have waged this hate filled anti-Obama war…don’t be surprised if the Obstructionism continues and the Republican Party continues on its self-destructive path. Let the civil war begin!

Obama Wins Second Term

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States early this morning, overcoming powerful economic headwinds, a lock-step radical resistance to his agenda by Republicans in Congress and an unprecedented torrent of advertising dollars never seen before in a campaign as a majority voted to give him a second term.

This morning the Republican hangover took hold after a night of the Republican nightmare. After four years of No-Obama hate filled rhetoric, in which the jobless rate never dipped below 7.8 percent, with millions of Americans still unemployed, Republicans still failed to unseat President Obama. The Wednesday morning question had to be… how the hated Obama survive the onslaught of lies, money and GOP demonization? Obama overcome hellish odds and voter suppression attempts in Ohio and Florida to be elected for a second term.

For President Obama, now comes a second chance. The American people agreed to renew his continued Presidency in hopes that the next four years will continue to get better.

In defeating Mitt Romney, the president carried Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, and, a near sweep of the battleground states, and continues to hold a narrow advantage in Florida. The path to victory for Mr. Romney vanished as the night wore along, with Mr. Obama winning at least 303 electoral votes.

A cheer of jubilation sounded in Democratic headquarters and homes nationwide when the networks declared President Obama the winner at 11:20 p.m., although the ballots were still being counted in many states where voters had waited in long line well into the night.

Mr. Obama’s re-election extended his place in history, carrying the tenure of the nation’s first black president into a second term.

The president’s team built a strong campaign organization and used a strong financial advantage to hold off an array of forces that opposed his candidacy. The margin of his victory was smaller than in 2008 but he maintained an advantage in the popular vote early Wednesday and a strategic firewall in several battleground states protected his Electoral College majority.

The hate of the racists and extremists could not overcome President Obama as the majority rejected the vile attack against him and confirmed that his election was no accident, it was the divine will of the majority.

The Final Push for Obama

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

The final push is on. Over 800 Tennesseans are in North Carolina canvassing in Asheville and Winston Salem, North Carolina. One Hundred Tennesseans will be leaving for Raleigh, North Carolina Monday morning.

Volunteers are needed to make phone banking calls into North Carolina. Phone banking is ongoing today at the Democrat Resource Center is Johnson City and will continue until 6 p.m. today. Phone banking will be ongoing tomorrow (Monday ) from 10 a.m. through 9 p.m. Tuesday phone banking will start at 10 a.m. through ?

The effort will end Tuesday night at 7 p.m. with an Election Watch Party at the Democrat Resorce Center. Please bring a snack food or beverage to share.