Democratic Convention Begins

Charlotte, NC – Today the Democratic Convention begins and the American people will hear an honest discussion about where we were as a country four years ago, where we are today and the work that’s left to do.

After a week of watching Republicans attempt to bury their unpopular failed ideas because they’re politically “suicidal,” Democrats will be running on ideas to create an economy built to last with a thriving middle class.

Our convention will show the choice the American people face this election. It’s a choice between President Obama’s vision of moving America forward to an economy built to last with a strong middle class at its core, or Mitt Romney’s vision of going back to the same “trickle-down” economic policies that crashed our economy and punished the middle class.

Through strong leadership the President has made the tough but often unpopular decisions to strengthen this country over the long term. And how those decisions have been rooted in fundamental American values: that hard work and responsibility should be rewarded, that everyone should play by the same rules and everyone has a fair shot and a fair shake.

The President’s continues to fight for working and middle-class Americans to rebuild an economy that’s meant to last – an economy built from the middle class out, not the top down.

This convention will do what Willard Romney failed to do, and honestly and clearly lay out the President’s vision and plan to move America forward and restore the promise of middle-class security for all Americans.

This convention offers two clear choices. Americans can vote for President Obama and move America Forward or go back to the failed policies of tax breaks for the rich and deregulation that caused the worse economic and financial failures since the Great Depression.

We are better off today than we were four years ago but there is more to achieve. Barack Obama is the clear choice to lead America forward.

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