Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

After a year of lies and deceptions by those who fought health care at the bequest of the Health Care Industry, the Supreme Court affirms Americans’ right to quality, affordable Health Care by upholding the Affordable Care Act as constitutional.

The law is already helping millions of Americans and will help millions more in the years to come. In Tennessee over 500,000 will receive medical coverage because of this act.

Republicans told the same lies about “socialism” Social Security, the current social program that most in NETN would fight you over if you tried to take it from them.

“Obamacare” is already helping millions of Americans save money and live healthier lives, and will help millions more in the years to come. Americans aren’t losing coverage or going bankrupt just because they get sick, pre-existing conditions are being covered, and millions of Americans will keep saving money on their premiums, preventive care and prescription drugs.

“Obamacare” will save middle-class families up to $2,300 a year on top of its largest health care tax cut in history, worth an average of $4,800 to about 19 million middle-class Americans.

The court’s decision means that free riders (those who can afford insurance but won’t buy it) either have to get insurance or pay a fine –which would apply to about 1 percent of Americans. The individual responsibility requirement is the same policy Romney put in place in Massachusetts.

Why is the Insurance Industry and its Republican friends against the Affordable Care Act?

o Insurance companies can’t drop you because you got sick or
hit an arbitrary cap on coverage. Already 105 million
Americans no longer have lifetime caps on their coverage.

o 86 million Americans now have more access to preventive
care without a co-pay or deductible.

o By August 1, 12.8 million Americans will have received
rebates from their insurance company because it spent too
much of their premium dollars on administrative costs or CEO

o 3.1 million Young adults, up to age 26, have coverage
through their parents’ plans.

o More than 5 million people got discounts on their prescription
drugs in the Medicare “doughnut hole” – each saving an
average of more than $600 last year.

o Starting in 2014, insurance companies won’t be allowed to
deny coverage or charge more based on health conditions,
protecting up to 129 million Americans with preexisting
conditions. Already up to 17 million kids with preexisting
conditions can’t be denied coverage anymore.

o People who couldn’t afford insurance will either be able to
get insurance through Medicaid or get generous tax credits
that finally make coverage affordable. A typical middle-class
family could pay up to 60 percent less for the same
coverage – the largest-ever health care middle-class tax cut.

o The independent Government Accountability Office (GAO)
verifies Obamacare will reduce the deficit by more than $120
billion by 2021.

Health Care is not a privilege, it is a right. Wing nuts and Teabaggers will continue their crusade of ignorance against health care for all and the middle class. But the Supreme Court decision was a major victory for the American people and middle class.

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