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A Vile Agenda

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Not so long ago, America was the most technology based nation on the planet. We were the most advanced. We invented virtually everything and these products were high quality. America was on the cutting edge of science. We lead in virtually every category of innovation and technology.

Today, China and India are ever increasingly leading the world in product production. We no longer invent products or have new ideas. Republican controlled states are waging war on science; this is especially true in Tennessee. How can we lead the world’s new economy when we reject science which creates cutting edge technology? How can we create jobs without science or technology? How can we remain the world super power without being the leader in technology and science? How can we have the world’s strongest economy when we scorn public education for all young people and minimize teachers and the profession of education?

What do we owe our sudden embrace of ignorance and scorn of intellectualism? Right wing extremism; both political and religious, is the disease that threatens America’s standing as the world’s leader in innovation, technology and job creation. Fundamentalism is the scourge that threatens American power and world stability.

The conservative “lies” values of greed and gluttony have permeated every aspect of American politics and religion and can be traced as the root cause of the collapse of America’s economy. Trickle down economics did not work, it was not intended to work, it served as the conservative “lie” tool to rape the American tax payer and redirect wealth to the top 1%. Republicans say we can’t fairly tax the job creators… but where are the jobs?

The teabagger movement was the tool of ignorance used to topple common sense government and swing the pendulum of wealth; from a level spread of wealth away from the American middle class to a concentration of wealth to the rich and corporations. The teabagger “puppet” movement was the brainchild of rich conservatives and corporations who dreamed of even more wealth at the expense of America and the American middle class. The movement of disenfranchised Republicans was/is financially backed by the Koch brothers; David and Charles, two the worlds wealthiest men. The movement was born the day after the first African American President; Barack Obama was elected, an election result that incensed conservatives and racists.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the secret organization of corporations who has written much of the legislation that was recently imposed by the newly elected Republican legislatures in several states (Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and fourteen others) across America. Through ALEC, global corporations have been scheming for some time to rewrite laws that threaten the very rights of Americans in order to boost their profits and revenue.

Their minions (Republican state legislators) implement these laws at the bidding of their masters; corporations and the wealthy, who in turn fill their political coffers from the wealth accrued from the very laws designed to destroy the American middle class while exploding corporate profits. Remember Willard Romney’s passionate words, presumptive Republican Presidential candidate, passionately claiming corporations are people and have rights. Yes, the rights he is so passionately embracing is the same corporate rights draining America dry, at the expense of the American middle class. These are the same rights as dictated by ALEC.

If you destroy unions, the “high” American standard of living, the right to litigation for injury from bad drugs or dangerous products, implement voter suppression, destroy environmental protection, dissemble constitutional rights and freedoms, you (the corporation) can do whatever you want with no resistance. You wrote the laws and your minions (Republicans) implemented them and all means to correct the injustice has been dismantled and/or virtually destroyed. A win win for the corporations and wealthy at the expense of everyone else (the 99%).

A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” The conservatives know this well and have seen this knowledge as a serious threat to their agenda of lust for greed and personal wealth.

They know a well informed public is hard to lie to. Enter Fox news, stage left and “The world is full of Kings and Queens who as they blind your eyes and steal your dreams.” A well informed population is hard to manipulate with propaganda unless you blind them with lies and misconceptions (Fox news). A well informed public would also be hard to convince that economic suicide (trickle down economics) is a viable economic platform.

The conservatives have spent years slowly eroding the foundations of intellectual America. First, they demonized the word “Liberal” the foundation that built the great American middle class. Once scientists and teachers were respected, now they have been demonized. They blame failing schools on Teachers. Intellectuals are Socialists! Educated people are elitists! Global warming is lies from scientists!

They demonized Al Gore, he won but lost to an idiot who has all but destroyed our economy but the rich got what they wanted. Ignorance is bliss. Environmentalists have warned for years that pollution was damaging the planet; they were labeled as “tree hugging hippies.” Notice the pattern, which a form of intellectual thought questions the obvious; it is labeled the enemy and demonized. Creating false enemies gives the adage “kill the messenger” an all new meaning.

How does religion fit into this fundamentalist conservative scam? Fundamentalism cannot be questioned or it is exposed as a false prophet, science questions, therefore, it is demonized and must be dismantled and destroyed, it is the enemy by its vary nature. Anything that fosters intelligence “strong public education” or “science” or “truth” must be destroyed, in the eyes of the conservatives. You cannot be deceived when you think for yourself and use your mind!

The election of 2012 may be the most important election in American History. Many questions will be answered and hopefully some dangerous threats to America’s future will once and for all be destroyed. The vile agenda of ALEC is the biggest threat to America’s middle class and without the middle class, American power will decline.

The drunken orgy of greed drives those who created ALEC and is the seed that virtually destroyed America’s economy when regulations were dismantled and caution was tossed to the winds of desire and speculation. Where were the Teabaggers when Bush was blowing a budget surplus? Their yellow flag befits their cowardly yellow intentions and racists rants. Teabaggers are the “whores” of the rich, simple minded peasants. It takes a moron to do the bidding of the rich, to demand more tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the middle class. It takes an idiot to vote against ones best interest. Is the solution lobotomy for poor Republicans?

Conservatives, Right Wing politics and Fundamentalist religion has worked hard to render the American people more open to manipulation and control. The result is a vile blend of unregulated industry and religious theocracy. This is great news for the rest of the world who waits like vultures to pick America’s economic bones clean as we become dumber and dumber and more technologically unsophisticated.

Are Americans going to be reduced to third world ignorant consumers for the rest of the worlds markets? The American Taliban (Conservatives, Republicans and Fundamentalist) may be happy with the thoughts of life in the 16th Century, dirt roads and living in caves but I’m not interested in such ignorance and BS! I would prefer we move America forward not backward.


Monday, April 16th, 2012

Palm Beach – Last night, behind closed doors, speaking at a $50,000 a plate private fundraiser for Willard Romney. Romney was overhead by two reporters from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, telling his rich friends he was going to slash 5 trillion dollars in services for middle class and poor Americans to give 5 trillion in tax breaks to the richest 1%.

Openly, in public, Romney has said nothing about slashing 5 trillion in agencies assisting Americans. Among his secret plans, Romney plans to abolish HUD and other government agencies. Romney’s comments are notable because the presumptive Republican nominee has refused to go into specifics about how he would implement his tax and budget cuts as president.

Mitt Romney offered new details Sunday on how he might pay for the 20 percent income tax cut he’s proposed for all Americans if he’s elected president.

“I’m going to probably eliminate for high-income people the second-home mortgage deduction,” Romney said, adding that he would also likely eliminate deductions for state income and property taxes as well, great news for the wealthy in attendance.

Romney also told donors he might eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development, saying it “might not be around later.” He also said he would downsize the Department of Education, suggesting he would “consolidate it with another agency or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller,” though he insisted he wouldn’t get rid of it entirely.

When it was discovered that the Press had overhead his comments, a Romney aide, who declined to be named discussing the former governor’s comments, said the candidate was merely throwing out policy proposals.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign quickly pounced on Romney’s comments.

“Apparently Gov. Romney believes only high dollar donors have a right to know what programs he would cut,” an Obama campaign spokesman, said in an email to reporters.

The Death of Occupy Nashville?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

111129-nashville-occupy-howell.photoblog600During my recent visit to Nashville, I was extremely saddened to notice the absence of Occupy Nashville from War Memorial Plaza. As one of the longest-lived branches of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Nashville was finally forced to vacate their occupation after nearly 160 days of sustained protest against the stacked deck against the 99% of Americans by corporate America and their Republican minions.

Three months ago, Occupy Nashville’s encampment at War Memorial Plaza swelled. Dozens of tents and a growing energy surged the political uprising: The movement drew attention to the influence of corporate cash on politicians and gross income inequality that has skyrocketed in America. Occupy Nashville even outlasted the movement’s mother camp — New York City’s Zuccotti Park — by three months. The movement established an elaborate process of communications — from security and logistics to first aid and food procurement.

Now the occupation is over, gone are the 60 tents which were erected at the camp’s apex. Rumors of sporadic incidences spread but as I strolled across the quiet plaza grounds, it was sad to see the inspired movement gone. The Republican Legislature had done a good for the 1% by trampling on Occupy Nashville and the constitutional right to free speech.

The camp’s food service station, media tent and library are gone. So are the young inspired protesters who joined the camp following two nights of highly publicized violent arrests ordered by Gov. Bill Haslam. The arrests of 50 people brought national shame to Tennessee because of Haslam’s heavy handed response to the movement.

Since those arrests, Occupy Nashville has expanded operations. But the movement now faces an uncertain future and hostile political climate in the Capitol which is filled with minions of the 1%, the Republican lead Tennessee Legislation.

The movement withstood bouts of cold, wet weather during the fall and winter, but supporters say that the state legislation — which effectively made it a crime to camp on public-owned property — dealt the movement the fatal blow.

For weeks, the Tennessee General Assembly debated legislation that effectively evicted Occupy Nashville from the plaza, citing a familiar chorus of complaints centered on lies and false accusations. The bill; HB 2638 sailed through the House, 70-26. The bill levies a jail sentence of one year and a $2,500 fine against anyone caught with “bedding for the purpose of sleeping … including tents, portable toilets, sleeping bags, tarps, propane heaters, cooking equipment and generators.” This law applies to the approximately 6,000 homeless in Nashville.

The thing that will fuel this movement is when the Occupy Movement becomes political; if that happens, the Teabagger movement will pale in comparison. In the meantime, the Tennessee GOP minions of the 1% will be rewarded when their election warchest are filled with corporate donations. The GOP selling out of Tennessee continues.