Tennessee Republican lawmakers voted today to remove Occupy Nashville encampment from the state Capitol. The House vote imposes long jail sentences for violators of the law.

Republican dominated Committees in the state Senate and House of Representatives recently approved a ban on unauthorized camping on public grounds. The vote by the House today ends the Occupy Nashville occupation of the War Memorial and strike a blow against the Constitution and Tennesseans rights.

The Republican minions of the 1%ers in Tennessee will do everything in their power to crush any effort to expose the injustice to those whom make up the 99%. In Tennessee, the defender of the 1% is Ron Ramsey and the GOP.

The bill’s sponsors claim in both committee hearings that the protesters have been a source of trouble.

Representatives for Occupy Nashville responded that they have asked police to arrest lawbreakers but have instead seen the presence of law enforcement disappear. They said their camp was form of free speech.

The bill bans camping in areas that have not been designated for it. The measure will also allow authorities to confiscate items such as sleeping bags, cooking equipment, tents and tarps if they believe they are being used in violation of the law.

The bill includes penalties that are a Class A misdemeanor, which carries the toughest penalties short of a felony — up to a $2,500 fine or 11 months, 29 days in jail.

Representatives for Occupy Nashville said the measure effectively allows jailing the homeless for nearly a year.

Haslam’s office had remained neutral on the bill but his administration attempted to oust the encampment in October, when he sent in hundreds of State Troopers to deal with 50 protesters. A federal judge intervened, saying authorities had not followed proper rule-making procedures and risked violating protesters’ rights. The administration backed down.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, the Senate speaker, said in a statement that he hoped the bill would hasten an end to the occupation. “Liberal judges here in Nashville and on the federal bench can try and twist the law however they want but the reality is clear: this occupation has gone beyond speech and assembly and become an embarrassment — both to causes Occupy purports to support and the state of Tennessee at large.”

Nationally, Ron Ramsey continues to be a total embarrassment to the state of Tennessee with his backwoods views on fascist style laws and beliefs.

Under Ramsey’s leadership you can now carry a gun anywhere in Tennessee but you can’t camp!

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