Left Behind

Today, more than ever before, more and more Americans wonder if they have or will be left behind. They wonder about the American Dream and ask, “Is the American Dream still attainable?” Is the American Dream dead? Will I or my children and grandchildren be left behind? This sentiment has never been felt by so many Americans. There within lies the problem for Mitt (Willard) Romney, self proclaimed front runner of the GOP, in his run for the presidency.

Mitt Romney is the poster boy for the 1%. His political, and especially, economic beliefs, reflect this perception. There lays, not only the problem for Mitt Romney, but also for the Republican Party and its lust for power and control. This fear and/or worry are the nucleus “engine” of the Occupy Wall Street Protest. Recent polls show 75% of Americans share the sentiment of a deep betrayal and/or the excesses of the top 1%.

The economic collapse which occurred at the end of the Bush Presidency magnified the growing disparity between the top 1% and the 99%. The Bush response to the collapsing economy gave credence to the fears of the majority (99%) of Americans who felt they were left out.

People now remember the government backing the failing banks, pumping massive infusions of tax payer money into them, through no strings loans. The attempts to save the banks, those who were guilty, those who already had made a killing off the economic rape and plunder of the economy, and were responsible for the economic collapse, which caused so much suffering for the 99%, is perceived an outrage and injustice. No relieve was offered to those suffering from the folly of the greed.

Mitt Romney said, President Obama was wrong to loan money to the big three auto makers, and save over a million jobs for middle class people. Obama was right, the loan saved the auto industry, and the money was quickly repaid to the government and over a million jobs was saved. Mitt Romney also said, we are making a mistake, trying to save peoples homes from foreclosure, let the market correct things, let millions of Americans become homeless.

It is this cold indifference shared by Romney and the Republican Party that presents a problem for both. They are simply on the wrong side of an unpopular issue. Protecting their rich fiends may fill their political coffers but it does little to arouse public sympathy or support.

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are the warriors for the 1%. The policies of the GOP and rhetoric of Mitt Romney goes directly against the welfare of the American people and the working middle class. The GOP lust for power reminds one of an old Rush lyric. “The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.” What remains to be seen; Will Americans be fooled again?

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