Unicoi County Commissioners to Vote to Terminate Sunshine Law

The Unicoi County commissioners will be voting Monday, December 19th on weakening or terminating the Sunshine law.

The Tennessee Sunshine law was enacted in 1974 by a Democratic controlled Legislation. The purpose of the law was created to ensure public disclosure of governmental agencies and activities. Sunshine laws protect the interest of the people. They also ensure open government for the people.

For 37 years, Tennessee county governments have operated under the law with no problems. Now, some county officials insist the law presents them problems conducting the business of the people. These claims are false and misleading.

The only thing that has changed in 37 years is the fact that Republicans have gained control of the state legislature and those making these false claims are in office. One must wonder why the GOP and these county officials want to conduct secret meetings.

Democracy works when the people know the workings of the government. Secret meetings kept the peoples of Russia, China, Cuba, Nazi-Germany, Iran and Iraq in darkness. Secret meetings in Unicoi County will not be good for the people of Unicoi County.

Hopefully, the majority of Unicoi County commissioners rejected any attempt to weaken or strike the Sunshine law. Since these proposals are clearly planned attempts by Republicans to continue to weaken open government, people should remain alert to future attempts to weaken laws designed to protect the working middle class. Any government that operates in secrecy is no longer a democracy.

If you concerned about attempts to weaken open government, go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/do-not-change-the-tennessee-sunshine-law/ and sign the petition to protect the Tennessee Sunshine law.

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