GOP Seeks Secret Meetings

Keeping all local meetings open and requiring local government to post public notices of meetings is the last line of defense the public has to ensure the business of the people is done in the open.

I find it alarming when public officials want to conduct the business of the people in secret. What is it these officials want to hide? Locally, we already know they spend liberally – purchasing new buildings and properties with no regard to the tax implications on the people of Unicoi County. We already know their lack of planning and poor finance skills would receive a grade of”F” in any local college business class.

Current attempts on the state and local level to weaken sunshine laws should serve as a warning to citizens that close door meetings will reap a cycle of corruption and wrong doing.

I question why the Unicoi County Commission feels it necessary to consider to conduct secret business. There is never any good or ethical reason to conduct meetings behind closed doors. Every citizen has reason to be concerned that local government would even consider such a measure and question the reason(s) any politician would support it.

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