The False Prophets of the GOP

Tonight was the eleventh GOP debate. The following are the GOP presidential candidates most discussed and mainly discussed because of the total ignorance they portray when they debate or speak. For comedy – they are manna from heaven with gaffe after gaffe, candidate mishap after candidate mishap. With this bunch, ignorance is bliss and abundant.

The GOP base moves from candidate to candidate to find the prophet that can beat Romney. But as soon as they anoint a new prophet, he/she speaks an outrageous gaffe and/or some seedy truth is unveiled and the false prophet is exposed. Questions remain! Will the Baptist bow to Mitt Romney? Of course they will. Will conservatives vote for a republican liberal? Of course they will. Will the tea party support Romney? Of course they will. The Baptist, conservatives and Tea baggers will do the bidding of the corporations; they will do whatever the rich tells them to do.

1. Newt Gingrich – Gingrich is best known for obstructionist tactics in 1995 that lead to a government shutdown. He is also the leaker among the GOP field. Sadly, he is seen by conservatives as moral(less) in a new poll. He is also known for his hypocrisy. He pounded President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinski in a sex scandal while he himself was having an affair with a woman, while his wife was dying of cancer. His most recent act of hypocrisy was when he said Barney Franks and Dodd should go to prison over accepting several hundred thousands of dollars from Freddie Mac while he received 1.6 million. He says it was payment for being a historical advisor. Gingrich’s is one of the most political animals of D.C. which seems to be at odds with republican extremist anti-government views.

Newt recently said Occupy protesters should get a job after they take a bath. He also said he would fire all janitors in schools and hire 13 and 14 yo child labor to clean the schools.

2. Mitt Romney – The “unwanted” front runner for the GOP in non conservative circles. He is a staunch supporter of corporate America and the 1%. He most recently claimed corporations are people with the same rights as people. Sadly he doesn’t feel the 99% or Occupy Wall Street protesters deserve any rights.

He is most known for his flip-flops in an effort to sway tea party support but his flip-flop history dates back to the last Presidential campaign. He is pro health care reform and anti health care reform. He is pro women’s right to choose and anti women’s rights to choose. He supported the oppressive bill in Mississippi that outlawed all contraception until it was defeated in a landslide. He is a financial fundraising powerhouse. Romney’s flip-flop lying ways are becoming his trade mark and his signature mark for lack of character.

3. Herman Cain – Cain is an ultra conservative and tea party favorite. He was the latest leading flavor of the month in the GOP field until he experienced a series of gaffs. First he said the Taliban ran Libya than he went blank when asked if he agreed with Obama’s Libya’s policy. His ignorance of foreign policy has proven fatal to his campaign lead. It was also recently discovered that all his “loved” sound bites are actually stolen video game lingo. His gaffes have become such a problem; the press has been pressuring him for explanations. Cain has just requested and received secret service protection which means – no more press questions.

4. Rick Perry – The great GOP hope has turned out to be anything but. Perry was a hopeful contender of “the anybody but Romney” GOP base but fell from grace when his ignorance was exposed during a debate when he could not remember one of three key government departments he would gut. He does not believe in science, hell, he does not believe in anything logical or of intelligence. He is proud to be the Governor of the state that executes the most people. He said Social Security was a Ponzi scheme. He wants to recall health care reform and let the insurance companies ration health care to whom they choose and deny care to whom they choose. He also said, “the housing market should collapse”, folks should loose everything they have and “let the market work it out”. {Does he mean the same market that created the mess that collapsed our economy?} Perry served as Al Gore for President as his Texas campaign coordinator.

5. Ron Paul – “The intellectual grandfather” of the tea party. In his third run for the White House, Paul has called for harsh cuts, elimination of social security and Medicare, which he believes is unconstitutional. He is the extreme libertarian. Paul has extremely loyal followers, much like a cult and he raises tremendous amounts of money.

6. Rick Santorum – Extremely right-wing social conservative. He is battling Bachmann and Perry for the “wing-nut” tea party votes. He favors tax breaks for the rich, doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose or the rights of gays to serve in the military or breath.

7. Michele Bachmann – Founder of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. Besides her numerous and patently false statements, she supports the end of Medicare and Social Security. She wants to repeal health care reform and deny women the right to choose. She is the number 1 wing-nut in America.

8. Jon Huntsman – Left his position with Obama to run as an unwanted candidate of the GOP. Although he warns his party to not move too much to the right, he is very right-wing, a supporter of the tea party, and wants to end Medicare as we know it.

Many important questions remain. Who will raise and not fall from grace with the Republican base? Which candidate can withstand the test of ignorance that seems to be a requirement of conservative voters? Will a Liberal Northern Republican be the GOP candidate? Will the Southern Baptist bow to Romney?

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