Flavor of the Month

The Republican Presidential “circus” Primary continues and the “flavor of the month” continues to be the main story as social conservatives scramble to reject Mitt Romney. Neo-cons have jumped from one failed candidate to another in search of a prophet to lead them. The 2012 presidential race tells us one thing, it’s that social conservatives — and conservatives more generally — will tire of the Godfather Cain and continue the search for the next big thing.

Amazingly, Herman Cain has moved ahead to lead the GOP pack as he continues to make one major mistake after another. For most political candidates, it would be a political knock out punch to not know that China has had nuclear capacity for years. But Herman Cain has no clue of this and much more relevant facts relating to economic and international matters. Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 tax code to fix America’s broken economy would in fact be another massive tax break for the rich, as would most GOP backed flat tax schemes.

It’s become the whack-o primary, “anybody but Romney”, as Republicans scramble in desperation for a gladiator to take on President Obama, so candidates get elevated to extraordinary heights so quickly they can’t maintain the altitude and ignorance levels required that controls the thought process of the Republican minded voter.

Cain is the latest of a type that began, amazingly enough, with “The Donald” Donald Trump, who surged in opinion polls before deciding not to run after his poll numbers plummeted.

Then came Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) who was hot “politically” for 15 minutes until she won the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa and the day Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race.

Perry’s rise among conservatives was billed as the “next coming” but turned out to be another whack-o gone down in flames. From the moment his national day of prayer showcased Perry on a stage full of “snake handlers,” religious extremists, including prophets who claim “the statue of liberty is the modern day symbol of Jezebel and wickedness”, “Oprah is the modern day Jezebel,” and “the Japan Emperor slept with the sun goddess which caused the collapse of the Japanese market and tsunami”, as reported by CNN.

His position on immigration as well as his executive order mandating that teenage girls receive the HPV vaccine raised questions about his conservative bona fides. From day the story broke on the racists message on the rock at his hunting ranch through his recent poor performances in the GOP debates, Perry’s star has quickly faded. Unlike the rest of the group, Perry had a strong fundraising ability so don’t count him out.

Cain zoomed to the top tier off the strength of his ability to spew rhetoric; he gave the best speech at Ames and enjoyed a surprising victory in a Florida straw poll last month. He currently is in second place in Iowa running one point behind Romney. A new poll that came out today shows Cain leading all candidates at 30% with Romney trailing at 23%.

Cain is gaffe-prone and is currently embroiled in a sexual harassment charge which only seems to embellish him with neo-cons who are willing to toss their social conservatism for any discretion of a GOP candidate.

Cain is the “early fall” flavor but if Cain isn’t able to sustain his momentum, who might fill the void? The two most obvious candidates are former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) or former House speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.). The race for the top GOP wing nut continues and the current winner of this circus appears to be President Obama.

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