Occupy Nashville Gains Global Attention

Nashville-A federal judge has ruled that the Occupy Nashville movement protesting at Legislative Plaza can continue for now. The federal judge said regulations created last week in response to the protest were “not legally” implemented by Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration. On two occassions the Gov. attempted to remove the protestors under an imposed curfew, on two occassions Judge Nelson threw out the charges.

The governor and state backed down in the face of a federal lawsuit filed Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee on behalf of Occupy Nashville. The lawsuit charges that the recent arrests and the new regulations are violations of the protesters’ First Amendment rights. The ACLU requested a temporary restraining order. State attorneys did not object at a hearing Monday afternoon, and U.S. District Judge Aleta A. Trauger granted the request.

It is amazing that Gov. Bill Haslam appeared to not have a clue of the negative media attention that his order to arrest protesters would receive. He should have realized that sending in seventy-five (75) Tennessee State Troopers to arrest fifty-four (54) protesters would come accross as heavy handed, as it was. It appears that the national stage is not the only place Republicans struggle with the Occupy Wall Street movement as the movement sweeps across the nation. The story about the Occupy Nashville protest has gone global. The story about the temporary injunction was the lead story this morning on CNN.

The AP and other reports of the Occupy Nashville arrests, including the arrest of a Nashville Scene reporter, are showing up worldwide in the New York Times, UK Daily Mail, Reuters, Denver Post, LA Times, UK Guardian, Philadelphia Inquirer, Seattle Times, Washington Post, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Sky News Australia, Daily Beast, Paris Post-Intelligencer, Detroit Free Press, etc.

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