Unicoi County Sheriff Indicted on 10 Felony Charges

Erwin – Unicoi County Sheriff Kent Harris was indicted on 10 charges on Friday night. According to General Attorney Tony Clark, a Unicoi County grand jury found sufficient cause to put Sheriff Harris on trail for 10 charges.

The grand jury returned 10 true bills against the sheriff. Harris was served will all 10 counts and will face indictment. The indictments have been sent to court.

The charges include six counts of official misconduct, and one count of each of the following: criminal stimulation, tampering with evidence, theft over $1,000, and attempted aggravated assault.

The accusations came after a long investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigationn (TBI). Two investigations stemming from incidents in 2009 and 2010 have combined. Both incidents stem from misconduct and misuse of inmates. The TBI is investigating other matters and other charges may be pending.

There is also investigations related to evidence tampering. Harris allegedly had inmates from the Unicoi County Jail perform labor on private property located on North Mohawk Drive.

Judge Lynn Brown declined to issue a warrant for Harris’s arrest. “Judge said it was his decision, that it’s his call,” not to arrest the sheriff. A move which was opposed by the TBI and District Attorney’s office who intended to arrest Harris.

Harris is required to report to jail for fingerprinting and booking within 10 days. He will appear before Judge Brown for a formal arraignment hearing on Nov. 22.

Clark also said some witnesses offering testimony have been threatened and harrassed. Although, he said this activity will not be tolerated by his office.

Will this be another example of Republican politics as usual?

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  1. Rick Smith Says:

    I would hope that Sheriff will be treated fairly and not just for someones political revenge. Can Sheriff Harris really be treated fairly in hypocrites R Us of Unicoi County.

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