UCDP Jackson Day Celebration Success, Cold Reception to New Voter ID Law

Erwin – The Unicoi County Democratic Party celebrated Jackson Day on Saturday, September 24th at the Erwin Town Hall at 11 a.m. The event was a big sucess. About fifty Democrats enjoyed the music of Tommy White, good food and shared interesting conversation.

The highlight of the fundraiser was the tempered reception to the topic of guest speaker, Sarah Bailey, Administrator of Elections in Unicoi County. The new Voter ID Photo was coldly received by those in attendance.

Sarah discussed the impact of the new law on affected groups but her primary focus was older voters who did not have photo IDs which would prevent them from voting under the new law. She discussed efforts of her staff to assist those who are negatively affected by this new law. Sarah said she planned to address several groups to get out the word on this new law and the impact on voters.

After Sarah’s presentation, many in attendance had questions about the new law. Many older voters in attendance voiced anger over what they considered a Jim Crow type law that was basically a poll tax. Others in attendance also showed anger over the law that was obviously designed to suppress voting in Tennessee.

Sarah Bailey said, “This law will go to court as a poll tax as soon as one person’s right to vote is violated”, one concerned citizen noted. Mike Hampton, Chair of the Unicoi County Democratic Party said, “The Democratic Party of Unicoi County will have poll watchers during the 2012 election because this new law has one purpose, voter suppression.

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